Monday, December 27, 2010

SNOW! E'nuf Said.

It remains cloudy and windy this morning, making it difficult to tell if it's still snowing. Just as I was about to get dressed for work the boss called to say they're not opening for lunch due to a 'limited' State of Emergency in the county, so I'm out of luck today. At least I got the call before heading out the door - it was 9:15.  I began this post a few minutes later.

Listening to local news on radio it seems there is much confusion about what's going on weather-wise.  Schools are closed, most other businesses are also closed, and the huge Outlet Centers are also closed.  Something they never do, so it was be pretty bad out there.

Looking out the door it appears we've got about 12 to 14 inches and no plow has touched the street.  Doesn't look like many cars have tried getting through, either.  I am armed with only a broom and ice scraper, but if it is very cold chances are good that it's powder and easily removed from the car.  Which, btw, is not visible from the porch, having to park it farther away than usual Christmas Eve.  So, time to finish my tea, get layered up, and go for it.

11 am.  Well, that was an exercise in futility for the most part. The good news: Sweeping off the stairs was as easy as originally thought.  Snow on the ground is deeper than it looked from indoors.  The snow is like powder, just so much more of it. It seems to have stopped snowing and the winds are just blowing it into drifts everywhere. The stairs and porch are clear, at least for now.

The bad news: As I began sweeping the stairs 2 snow plow trucks barreled down the street plowing in all the cars curb-side. Not a soul was outdoors making even the smallest attempt to dig out. I made my way across the street in snow above the knees to find the car plowed in up to the windows on the driver's side.

Cleaned off the windows, windshield and back window but didn't have the energy or strength to get into the car and start it up.  The back was already hurting, the thumbs as well, and the stinging in the fingers was a warning to get indoors quickly because the Raynaud's disease was acting up again.

I don't have a snow shovel.  It was foolishly left behind at the old apartment believing my landlady would need it more than I.  Oh, so wrong. To be fair to myself, everyone called the freakish storms of last February a once-in-a-hundred-year event and we all believed them.  Duh!  I guess I'm not going anywhere by car until I find someone to dig me out. And walking to work in deep snow and high winds isn't going to be a walk in the park, either. Oh well, it is what it is.

On the bright side, I am better off here than in that other apartment. I don't even want to think about what that place looks like right now.

12:45 pm. The image above was taken by the boss and posted on Face Book a little while ago.  Click the image to embiggen.

The sun has made a very welcome appearance just this very minute, and male and female cardinals have landed on the snowy roof outside my window.  It IS beautiful and so are they. So bright (and noisy) against the white. Let's leave with that image in mind, shall we?

More later.


  1. wow; there really is snow out east after all!

  2. As I was eating breakfast in the hotel lobby on Sunday morning in south central PA, I engaged in a conversation with a couple. They were from coastal MD south of you and basically had decided to just stay another day rather than try to travel home. (We headed further west to visit other family and returned home yesterday to find we here had had a non-event pretty much. The major part storm did not come this far inland.

  3. Last Feb when we got those huge back-to-back snow storms we were without a snow shovel. Years before we threw the old one away since it was beaten up. The stores were continually sold out of them, so this winter I bought one in early Dec. Hope you can borrow one to dig out your car!


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