Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Life in a Day

An alarm woke me - for the first time in my life - this morning.  The periodic 'chirping' of the smoke alarm reminding me the battery needed changing. I thought I had done that a while back.  I had, but it seems these things don't like Alkaline batteries. Regular Heavy Duty cells were purchased, so all should be well for another year.

Up an hour earlier, unpacked the sweater boxes and filled them with warm weather shirts and shorts.

Trotted all over town in search of a winter coat, but no luck. At least nothing that caught my eye and was affordable. It remains cold and windy here - 33'F and 25 mph winds made it feel a lot colder.  A vivid reminder every time I left another store empty handed.

The layered-look will be the outfit for this evening's party.  V-shirt, dress shirt, sweater, and wind-breaker should be fine.  The search will continue tomorrow. There are a couple of stores left, like J. Crew, but I may be forced to shop the Internet, if tomorrow produces nothing.

The neighbors appear to have a new puppy (defying the landlord's rule - no pets allowed) who screamed and yelped all day. Both are teachers who left the poor baby alone in a strange new place. I will speak to them tomorrow. Don't fuck with baby animals and think you'll get away with it.

Ran load of laundry but the dryer is not working. Thankfully, the washer has a heavy-duty spin cycle.  The wet clothes are drying in the bedroom on another item purchased today - a folding drying rack.

Cooked up a pot of Italian Sausage with sliced green peppers onions, and garlic.  Let's not forget the garlic. Why cook it today?  Because the peppers would go bad in a day or two and they were purchased for just this purpose but couldn't be eaten because of the jaw pain, which is no longer an issue.

Experienced an Epiphany of sorts while prepping the sausages and peppers and it was this; I am a 64 year old gay man who spends most of his time with (mostly straight) 20, 30, and 40-somethings, enjoys it very much, and the feelings are mutual.  Is there something a bit strange here?  Men my age usually seek out others in their age group and I suppose I would have as well, except all the friends of my youth died of AIDS.

More later. But right now...Time to shower, shave, and attempt to pull it together for the party tonight.


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  1. I had a similar epiphany a year ago. No one to share the many life changes I have gone through that brought me to this place, to correct me on old memories, set me straight on things that happened long ago.

    Finding new friends around my age has been a hit and miss thing. We can only relate on the Here and Now level. Not to the past. Our life journey took us in different directions, making any relationship topical and superficial at best.

    I understand your situation completely. Good for you for identifying the differences and toasting to the best. You are in a healthy place emotionally. Stay there and celebrate that.


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