Friday, January 14, 2011

13 Zodiac Signs? Rachel Maddow Explains

This is both funny and silly. After all, I used to be considered a Leo. That is so yesterday. Literally.  For true.

When the story broke the young'uns on Facebook, and especially the young Russian students at work were hysterical about this new shake-up of their seemingly ordered lives. Yes, well.  Ahem.

Rachel has a great time with this one and adds just the right, light touch to an otherwise dismal news day.  Enjoy.

So I am officially (for now) a Cancer, but having been on the 'cusp' of Cancer and Leo I am not too shaken up by this turn of events.

Oh, Whatever! My sign may have changed, but I'm still me changing as need be and adjusting to the changes in my world as best as I can. That's all any of us can do. Yet,  could this be an omen?  ;-)

And so it goes.


  1. You're a Leo, believe me. I should know but I, as a Scorpio am compatible with Cancer.

  2. You are who you are. A mere sign can't change that.

  3. This is not news to me. I study astronomy, and have known about the shift for some time. truth be told, there should be 14 signs, as sometimes the planets and sun are in Cetus, the whale.
    I suppose nobody wants to go around saying they are a whale.


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