Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday. Meh!

In my world Mondays are Fridays.  My weekend (off season) is Tuesday and Wednesday.  This makes it a bit troubling when dealing with people just coming off their weekend of binge drinking, over eating, drugs, and too much partying.

When did people forget that "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" or that hangovers are odious, unforgiving experiences?

I don't know what the celebrations were about, but there were too many of these people out and about today - most nursing headaches, stomach aches, etc., at the bar.  A few attempted to eat solid food, other than chips, pretzels, or nachos.  A valiant effort, but even fewer enjoyed the experience.  Oh, well.

What was most annoying was that most of these folks were in their 40s & 50s, who have been around the block enough to know there are consequences.  Some were behaving so badly that I had to issue a warning at one point and remind them that their choice to get ripped to the tits didn't make them special in the eyes of the restaurant, other diners, or those serving them, so STFU and deal with it, bitches!  (In so many tasteful words, of course.) There is nothing worse than a pampered DC quean convinced that the sun rises and sets for him, and that the lives of others hardly matter.

Very few of these vile creatures were young'uns in their 20s - which was encouraging, at least to me. They suffered in silence, taking their medicine and knowing that 24 hours hence they would be all better.

Needless to say, the heavy drinking Russians on my staff were very amused by all this silliness.  They can (and do) drink with friends far into the night and still get to work without a whimper. We shared a few good laughs at inside jokes from the past.

Still, we were treated to some of the most disgusting, hedonistic, opera-quean scenes I have ever witnessed in my life. They kept our maintenance staff busy cleaning up the men's room. They were abusive, saying things like "don't be so smug, I spent more money this weekend than you make in a month."  This may be true, but I wouldn't brag about it considering how it was spent and at what cost to reputation, fairly good looks, and destroyed friendships.

Many were drunk again as they staggered out of the restaurant in late afternoon, apparently rushing back to DC fearing the oncoming snow/ice storm heading our way tonight and tomorrow.

As reward for putting up with this shit ugliness, I received 2 after-shift cocktails, and they were deeply appreciated.

And so it goes.

UPDATE:  Seems the trolls were in town for fund-raising events to beneift the Log Cabin Republicans and/or GOProud.  (no links) You know, the gay Republicans who are forcing other "straight" conservatuve groups to boycott the upcoming CPAC event.  Well then, color me surprised!

And so it goes.

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  1. I said it once before and I'll say it again. Bravo TV is really missing an opportunity for a REAL reality show buy not following your goings on. Oh how I would have loved to seen you and the DC queans. Why weren't they at Red Square (the restaurant?) They're the only ones that can afford that dining experience. What were they doing at your eatery? Slumming? I think someone sicced them onto you.


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