Monday, January 3, 2011

The Magical Spo Shirt Traveling Show

The shirt arrived at my door under cover of darkness (literally)  from Ron at Retired in Delaware, on Christmas morning, and of course, we here on the Atlantic coast experienced another blizzard/nor'easter event over the next two days. And, well, if you've read the previous personal posts you know the rest.

The shirt is beautiful, comfortable, and fits perfectly, as you can see.  Funny thing, that.  Did you read that, Dr. Spo?

Received the address of the magical shirt's next stop.  It will travel from Delaware on the Atlantic coast to Oregon on the Pacific

Took the picture (click to embiggen) and plan to get the magical shirt on its way to the next destination tomorrow, which happens to be a well-deserved day off.  But, we'll see.  Yes, I am reviving the facial hair thingy, at least for a while (please be kind), and yes, those beads seem to be made for the shirt.

Truth be told, the beads were made 30 years ago by my nephew (God son) who passed away a few years ago and I cannot part with them. I usually wear them on his birthday - January 23rd - in his honor. He would love that they are part of this project. I love that I made them so.

Thanks to everyone who has already been part of this project, and to those who have yet to be touched by this insightful fund-raising idea.  Special thanks to the good Doctor for allowing me to participate in this effort.

And so it goes.


  1. thank you for doing this; You look better in the shirt than me!

  2. It looks good on you, W!

    Now I'm sure I won't fit in it, maybe just an arm... wait and see when it hits these shores [somewhere in 2012?]

  3. @Peter: I wouldn't be so sure. Your recent pics show a thinner and more healthy you, at least to my old eyes.

    The shirt is very roomy, and feels good.

    It won't take a year to get across the pond. I sent it off today via Priority Mail - usually a 2-day journey - to Oregon.

    @Ur-spo: It must be the beads. ;-)

  4. Hi Cajun,

    Thank you for your comment about my Spo-shirt in the bathtub pic. "______ is going to receive the cleanest Spo-shirt in history!" Very funny!!

    I had to delete that comment as the next recipient kindly asked me to change my use of her actual name on the post (and her first name also appeared in your comment) to her online nickname, "Birdie." Sorry about that! You can resubmit the comment without her name, if you want.

    By the way, you looked great in the Spo-shirt!


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