Sunday, January 9, 2011

Who is The Terrorist?

Since I am reduced to watching testosterone-enhanced ESPN all day at work I had no idea this had happened and couldn't believe what I read online when I finally got home last evening. Disbelief turned from horror, to tears. Words fail. But Keith has some powerful words to share. We may dismiss the crazies at FOX, but their words have ramifications - like yesterday.
How we arrived at this place has been a slow and insidious journey and one that has incubated for well over a decade, mostly due to the false reporting of domestic issues by FOX commentators, as well as the fear-mongering by those very same commentators. And as Keith puts it so well, this must be called out and repudiated.

 If "terrorists" are from foreign countries (usually the middle-east), wear different garb, worship a different deity, and hate the USA, what do you call a clean cut 22 year old American male who sprays bullets into a crowd of innocent people, killing 6 (including a 9-year-old) and almost killing a US Congresswoman? I really want to know what other word can be used to describe such a person.
I am tired of the stupidity and fear-mongering in this country that leads to this behavior. It must end.
And so it goes.


  1. I too am tired of stupidity; nothing gets me more upset than ignorance.

  2. The whole incident is so sad, what a tragedy.

  3. We must hope that the good that might come out of this horror is that many other people will tire of the rhetoric and behavior that foments such tragedies.


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