Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just a "Dusting"... of Five Inches!!!

I really want a job with the national weather service, or Weather Channel.  Where else can you get the job right 10% of the time and still draw a paycheck?  Where? I mean, really?

Forecasters predicted "a dusting, possibly up to an inch" of snow today. Yes well, as I walked to work this morning  I crunched through snow at least 2.5 inches deep and it was nowhere near ending.

At the restaurant there was a message waiting from the Alzheimer's folks canceling  their event. I sort of knew this was going to happen. The boss called to reiterate, telling me they would re-schedule for sometime in March.  Smart move, that.

Then the phone rang constantly, seems nobody informed the attendees of the cancellation.  At least they were smart enough to call before heading out into what had become rather foul conditions. That distraction alone kept me busy as I tried to get my morning duties done.

Another smaller party was scheduled for a luncheon of 8 to 12 members of a French Club that's dines with us periodically.  Their leader called to cancel as well, but much later than would be expected. This resulted in 4 club members arriving in the snowy conditions and blaming me because their leader didn't inform them in time to save them the "dangerous" trip. C'est la vie.

All this was going on as I fielded calls from the Alzheimer's folks, as well as others who just wanted to know if we would be open at all.  It turned out to be a very slow day for lunch.

The snow continued (off and on) until about 3 pm when the sun came out and the sky was scattered with clouds, but blue otherwise. My street was pretty clear as I walked back home.  I cleaned the snow off the car and was happy to get indoors as the winds increased and the temperature began to drop.  There will be a lot of black ice out there tonight.

We are already weary of winter here and there is no relief in sight. There is a monster storm slithering up the Atlantic coast that is "predicted" to reach us Monday night.  Let's hope that forecast proves to be as inaccurate as the one for today.  A dusting, indeed.

Update:  The Magical Spo Shirt Traveling Show arrived safe and sound in Portland, Oregon and (from what I can tell) is in good hands this weekend.

I am in for the evening.  My work is done here. (Hands on hips, cape flowing in the wind.) Well...never mind. Not quite the image I expected, or one you would want to see.

And so it goes.


  1. 5 inches!? that is some 'dusting' all right.
    I miss snow though. I would like 5 inches.
    in a way.

  2. So this is what it's like to live in Minnesota. My neighbor had his snow shoes on the last blizzard. Smart man.


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