Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Attitude, Gratitude, and Priority Mail

A day that may not live in infamy, but sure will remain in my memories for a while. Got an early start on the errands, which I thought would be done in an hour or two - max, but no.  There were so many little loose ends to tie up that it became a treasure hunt finding the right store for a particular item. At every stop I was greeted treated to the worst customer service I've ever experienced. Nasty, rude, and I-don't-give-a-shit attitude prevailed just about everywhere. Not a helpful store clerk in the lot.

By the time I got to the supermarket I had been worn down to my last gay nerve. Happily, the staff at my fave store was full of energy, glad to see me, greeted me with wishes for the new year, and even a few laughs with the deli and fresh seafood folks.  My kind of people.

It was about 2:30 when I got to the Post Office to learn the best way to ship the magical Spo shirt to the next destination. Postal guy and friend, Rick, suggested the Priority Flat Rate Service and gave me a box. Back home, after putting away all the purchases, I printed a label, put the original box into the Priority box, added packing paper, sealed and taped it, then taped the label to the box. Too tired to return to the PO to send off the package, so that will be done first thing in the morning.

Too tired to do cooking and the laundry, as well, so laundry will be the only other chore that gets done tomorrow.  The rest of the day is all mine.  The cooking can wait.

The facial fuzz will be coming off tomorrow, as well. It doesn't look good, but rather scruffy.  It was a nice try, but it's not me anymore.

Just received another mysterious phone call, this time someone looking for "Kenny" who (evidently) owes some guy a lot of money. Listening to only a small part of this guy's tirade I was happy he didn't have my address.  Say, I wonder if Kenny knows Audrey...no, that would just be too weird.

You know, I've had this phone number for 8 months and never had these kinds of calls.  Historically, they usually occur within the first month the number is re-issued to a new customer.  Truly bizarre.

Whatever!  It's time for a few olives, dinner, and maybe a movie. I have a date with myself. Hey, I don't have to look my best and the company ain't that bad.

And so it goes.


  1. nasty customer service has a vileness to it like no other.
    Why oh why do companies provide such shoddy service?

  2. We had collection calls for the previous holder on our house phone for at least the first two-years after we moved here. It took me the effort to track down the source agency and calling them threatening suit before they stopped.

  3. I think the facial hair looks good on you, at least in the photo. Sorry you had poor customer service. I find that to be rare here in LSD.


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