Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Limited Space -The Final Frontier: Fitting In.

Not me!  That will probably never happen.

I'm talking about the living room and bedroom furniture. Over the past several months (since the IKEA trip) I have been moving pieces around in an effort to maximize their usefulness in the tiny space. Due to the limited number of (now safe, upgraded) electrical outlets, the cable connection (in case I can afford it at some point) and only one telephone jack, it's a challenge to accomplish both.

Listening to music while taking a break from prepping ingredients for a stew, I paused in the kitchen doorway and took another look at the LR.  The tape measure came out and the move was on - - again.  It looks good but there is still frustration with a few old pieces that I want to showcase and fit into the space. Maybe when I get someone to help me lay the large area rug and its padding, I'll have a better idea of where to make changes.

The bedroom is another story. That's where the single phone jack is located along with the computer and that can't be changed or altered any time soon. Verizon charges big bucks for the technician to make any upgrades to existing service locations. What is needed is more storage units and a way to get the large mirror off the floor and on the wall over the chest of drawers.

For now things are OK as they are and I got to empty yet another box.  Tomorrow will find another 4 boxes emptied and their contents stored in a proper place.

I'll probably pay dearly for this strenuous exercise today, so I'm about to soak in a hot bath with Epsom Salt to minimize the damage/pain tomorrow.  Besides, I smell olives and that's always hard to resist.

And so it goes.


  1. I don't have a bath, but those marinated olives would be sitting in a glass next to my bath, with some extra nearby.

  2. You need to go on The Nate Show. ;)

  3. @Peter: Alas, the tub is so old there isn't a ledge wide enough for a glass. Good idea, though...

    @Lemuel: I don't know about this show, but I looked him up. Maybe he can help me (with a few things) too. ;-)


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