Friday, January 7, 2011

One January Holiday* - And For Good Reason

OK, with hundreds of birds falling dead from the sky in at least 4 US states and 2 European countries (maybe more - I haven't checked in the last 15 minutes), mass fish kills all over the world, continued cover-up of the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, and crazy-eyes (batshitcrazy) GOP Congress-critter Michelle Bachmann mulling over a Presidential bid in 2012, maybe 2011 isn't going to be such a "happy" one after all.

2010 left us with 15 inches of snow (much of it still around) and it looks like we're in for a return engagement next Tuesday.  A preview of the 'coming attraction' is expected tomorrow - a couple of inches - with winds kicking up to about 25 mph. Should be great fun!  Not!

According to the weather critters the La Nina weather patterns for this winter are harder to predict and storm tracking will be difficult.  Add the La Pinta and La Santa Maria weather tracking data, and it's 4-points of chaos.  Ahem!  Sorry, couldn't help myself.

The new Land's End "Squall" coat arrived on my porch last evening at the perfect time. Feather light with many interesting details, I marveled as I investigated all the pockets and hidden areas. There is a special pocket for an iPod and cell phone, as well as pockets that leave me clueless and scratching my head.  As I walked to work this morning in my fine new threads, a snow shower seemed to come out of nowhere that lasted an hour or more. Snow was predicted to begin around midnight, but there were breaks in the clouds this morning, so I figured the coast was clear, so to speak. Never assume, and never believe forecasters.

There is a huge party booked for tomorrow at noon.  65 people associated with the Delaware chapter of the Alzheimer's Association will enjoy their annual dine-out event with us and recognize the work of various individuals and businesses. Dos Locos is a huge supporter, one owner's mother having died of the terrible disease. Yes, it is very personal.

This will be my second year hosting the group and I hope the threat of new snow doesn't dampen spirits or cause some people to stay home. It would be a shame if that happened. We shall see.

*Martin Luther King has the only official holiday in January, and without it, there would be none. Leave it to Dr. King to brighten our long, dark winter days.

And so it goes.

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