Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gun Bill Disaster: Small Comfort

I am happy, proud in fact, to tell you that the 2 Senators from Delaware voted FOR the il-fated background check bill that went down in flames thanks to 46 scum-sucking, bottom-dwelling, NRA bitches senators. (lower case is all they merit.) And, looking at the names of the 46, I was not surprised at all. Even the testimony of Gabby Giffords couldn't thaw their cold hearts.

It is little comfort to be faced with the reality that almost half elected to the Senate care more about the NRA than their constituents. At least Tom Carper can hold his head up on this one.  Chris Coons is a gem and we knew he would be on the right side of this issue.

There was much sadness at the outcome, but some rejoicing at the restaurant today, too.  Many of the staff are hunters as well as fishermen, and they were as unhappy as I by the outcome, but glad that the First State Senators did the right thing.

If you are a resident of Delaware, please take a minute to call or email both Senators and thank them for their vote.

And so it goes.


  1. my 2 senators also said FUCK YOU to the NRA; I am grateful for that.

    WHY does a small minority (NRA) hold a large axe over the majority (the rest of us)?

  2. I sent an e-mail to all the senators saying "Shame on you" for voting against this mild gun control measure. Took a long time because I had to enter my information in 46 separate websites but it was worth it. I doubt if my e-mails will change their mind or even instill a sense of shame in them but it did feel good to send it Now to thank the senators who voted for the bill.

    RonRetired in Delaware


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