Friday, May 3, 2013

Cinco de Mayo Weekend

Hola! The festive holiday weekend began today and I've been up to my cojones in early revelers   Believe me, they got an early start and with all the specials the locosguys threw out there, it's going to be quite a weekend.

I was pressed into service for an extra hour due to the volume of customers and those with reservations already made weeks ago. Yes, this holiday is that big. I had 8 servers on at lunch today and I could have used 2 more.  That's how coo-coo-roo-coo-coo paloma things were. They started pulling on the door a half-hour before we open. I mean, we're very visible from the windows as we vacuum and mop the floors and get the tables setup, but that didn't dissuade them one bit.  They wanted IN, period. We finally opened (when the floors were dry) 10 minutes early and it was pandemonium  from then on. I stopped taking reservations for the rest of the weekend by 1 PM today.

Unbelievable!  Really.

As I left the building at around 5:20, I toyed with the idea of having a festive cocktail at a Happy Hour someplace nearby, but quickly rethought that one when I saw the traffic on the tiny avenue. No matter where I chose to go it would not have been a relaxing, quiet environment, so I just walked home instead.  A wise decision, to be sure. Quiet here with a festive cocktail in hand as I prepare supper.  Oven fried chicken with snow peas and a salad are on the gay agenda this evening.

Before heading to work in the morning, I have to make a run for my Bombay Sapphire Gin. I am almost out and that's not acceptable in this home. Tomorrow promises to be even crazier than today, even at lunch.  I have 8 servers on again and double the kitchen staff, so all should run as smooth as glass.  But, we all know that can change in a heartbeat. I'll probably have to hang up on rude people who will be pissed that we cannot accept anymore reservations.  I'm used to that, and it's even fun sometimes. My bad.

And so it goes.


  1. Last week I got a call from a LaCrosse team coach. She wanted to know if we had rooms for her team. I said "yes." "How much" she says. I say "$260 for queen size beds and $310 for king size beds." She says "for the weekend?" I say "No, for the night." She says "Any discounts?" I say "No ma'am, tis the season (to be jolly for sure)." She says "Oh, I don't think we can afford those prices." I say "Goodbye." My bad.
    Retired in Delaware

  2. bombay sapphire you say? YUM!

    have you tried philly's own "bluecoat" gin yet? nice blue bottle and goes down as sweet as bombay. check it out!


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