Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Response to a Bigot's Response to Marriage Equality

These people are dumber than a box of rocks.  No offense to the rocks. This delicious smackdown is from Delaware Liberal:

They are calling for the immediate repeal of the marriage equality law, I suppose not realizing that the 12 Senators and 23 Representatives are not going to repeal a law they fought hard to get passed. And apparently not realizing that once civil rights are expanded to new groups and classes of people, they are hardly ever rolled back. Indeed, the Hate Amendment in California is the only example I can think of, and even that attempt is about to be struck down as unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court.
Here is a rescued comment from one Ecia. I moderated her (or his) comments on the prior Marriage Equality thread because she (or he) started spamming the thread with this drivel. But I decided to highlight this comment to reveal how bigoted and stupid the opponents of equality are.
Here is her (or his) comment:
Calling For Repeal SB75:
As The State Government has completely ignored the legitimate concerns of the People of Delaware, there is an urgent call for A Special Election to REPEAL SB75 or to do something to correct this unjust law that Desecrates God’s Word.
Let me stop you there. The General Assembly ignored your bigotry. They did not ignore the legitimate concerns of the People of Delaware. To the contrary, they addressed a very legitimate concern: equality for all. What is it with conservatives thinking they always speak for all the people of the state or country. And they loudly pronounce that they are speaking for all the people and all the people agree with them. They doth protest too much. They know their minority and bigoted views are not shared by the majority anymore and it scares the living shit out of them, so they have to scream louder that they do speak for all, I guess thinking that if you shout a lie loud enough and often enough it turns out to be true. But I digress…
Second, a special election? Did a Representative or Senator die or resign? No. So there can be no special election. But Ecia is talking about a referendum here. Thankfully, we don’t have referenda in Delaware. Not because I fear losing a referendum. In fact, the forces of good and equality would win such a vote. I just don’t think it is right to have a vote on someone’s rights. How would you like it Ecia if we voted on whether you could get married to the one you loved?
“A just law is a man-made code that squares with moral law or God’s law” If necessary, I am prepared to go to jail before complying with any law that so blatantly desecrates the most sacred gift from God, The Institute of Marriage.
Unless you are a Clerk of the Peace, as a citizen this law does nothing to you. It does not force you to comply with anything. You do not have to become gay married now. You do not have to become gay now. You even don’t have to stop hating gays now. But I guess because you are such a hateful evil bigot you are incensed that gays get to get married and live happily and be accepted in society now, and your living with that fact without doing something to stop it is “compliance” in your book. So go ahead. Do something stupid and violent. Get thrown in jail. Your incarceration will please me greatly.
Thankfully, these folks are dying off.  
Go and read the rest HERE. Some of the comments are quite funny, too.
And so it goes.


  1. shitheads! the majority of the people WANT same-sex marriage. let the ignorant go start their own island utopia.

    and since WHEN do forward-thinking people have to listen to an invisible entity anyway?

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  3. Sue, I moderate all comments, so you can send your question here, I will not post it and will respond in another way.

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