Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Weekend: Two Down - Two to Go.

Yesterday was very busy, or so I thought, but today brought in twice the crazy and in spades. The weather was no help. Cold, windy, and while sunny, it was not a beach day.  They had to go somewhere, if you get my drift. My entire body is whimpering from the long day of handling the extremely high volume of daytime diners.  We served over 300 today alone. It wouldn't surprise me if they served double that tonight.  Seriously.

Two bartenders, double kitchen staff, a full compliment of servers, the GM, the bosses, and me did (I think) a miraculous job keeping things running smoothly. Chaos and disorder were held at bay, at least today.  Who knows what's in store for the evening, I dare not venture a guess.  At least I am not part of that.

Sassy Bear, his Honey and Ron (Retired in Delaware) showed up mid-afternoon at the height of the madness when we had a waiting list 2 pages long for tables in the dining room.  ( I warned Ron in advance about the tourists and traffic - not 2 of his faves, but he didn't listen.) They found themselves a table at the hi-tops in the bar and I had only a brief few seconds with them, damn it!  Sassy had sent a few texts about this evening's loose plans, but I was so busy I didn't have time to read any til I was wobbling home at 5:30, yes, almost 2 hours past my usual shift time.

I am too beat to join them tonight - I would be no fun.  So I sent a text asking that we meet for drinks/dinner tomorrow after my shift; I really want to see everyone and have a little personal time for myself. Tonight and tomorrow were both options, but I don't know their schedule.  They're staying with Mark (Tales of the Sissy) in Lewes (I'd love to see him and his honey, too.) so I am hoping that Sassy can come up with a solution. Of course, his most famous solution involves Vodka and is called a Cosmopolitan. Stay tuned.

Speaking of work, Sunday looks to be a duplicate of today, while Monday is usually a busy lunch tapering off by 7 or 8 pm as the weekenders head home to await the end of the school year. I will be grateful for the day of rest on Tuesday.

And so it goes.


  1. I continue to be very impressed with your coolness and proficiency in handling the hoards of diners. And I might say, that hamburger I had today was probably the best I've had in Rehoboth so far. And yes, I am eating crow now. Thank you for a wonderful lunch!
    Retired in Delaware

  2. I am sure you did them well.


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