Monday, August 11, 2014

Cooking, Cleaning, and Closet Treasures

I decided to be productive on Sunday. Drove down to the boardwalk at dawn for the sunrise. It was more crowded than usual.  Probably due to the mild temps and low humidity we’ve been enjoying this week. Took a few shots of the super moon which I may post another time.

I whipped up a big batch of Chili with beef to be frozen in individual containers. With the constant weight loss I need more protein than usual and that will help in a lot of ways.  Next, (because I had a hankerin’) I whipped up a casserole of white beans, rice, peppers, onions, cheese, and sausage.  Although it freezes well, I made a smaller one that will provide 3 good size meals. OK, maybe four. 

Received an email from a customer/friend from Dos Locos asking about our getting together next weekend.  They have the kids with them this weekend and knew that wouldn’t work. (I’d have to wear the damned mask!) Since I’m done with the Chemo tomorrow and free for the next 3 weeks, I said yes, lets do it. They even offered to pick me up and bring me home.  Hope the plans materialize. These folks are the best.

Spent some time rearranging, cleaning out the closet; removing shirts, slacks, sweaters that haven’t been worn in 2 years (or more), folding and placing them in large plastic bags to go to the thrift store later this week. I found 2 shirt boxes full of neckties which I haven’t worn since the Jewelry store closed, so out they go as well. I must say, I wore some handsome ties in my day. 

In the process of ransacking I came upon my kilts, which haven’t been worn in quite a few years themselves. Well, wearing them to work was not going to happen. A Scottish kilt in a Mexican restaurant wouldn’t cut it. The 6 or 7 day work week didn’t leave much time for being social, so they stayed in their wrappings in the back of the closet all this time. My favorite is the utility kilt that I wore quite a bit. The other is a Black Watch Tartan for more formal wear. 

Speaking of formal wear, I didn’t find my tuxedo kilt in the lot, so I guess my EX took that one with him as part of the settlement. It wouldn’t surprise me. That could also explain why the Sporran (pouch) is missing, too. Oh well, it is what it is. It's easy enough to find another Sporran. Anyway, the kilts need a trip to the cleaners and then maybe I’ll wear them on occasion, like when I go out on the town…hahahahahahaha!!! Ouch!  I think I hurt myself.

My crazy neighbor was hootin’ & hollerin’ all day (must’a been something good on the teevee machine) so to drown him out I played jazz - instrumental and vocal - very loud. Nothing like it to make the day’s work go faster and smoother.  It also kept me from beating on the walls shared by our apartments.

I need to fuel up the car.  The driving done in July - to and from the Center or hospital - almost every day - really racked up the miles, and driving short distances eats up more fuel anyway. So, that’s on my gay agenda for today. Along with the dry cleaners, a trip to the pharmacy for refills, and my appointment at the Center for Labs and my next-to-last Chemo injections.  Yay, For Me!

Time to get this show on the road. OKIloveyoubuhbye!

And so it goes.


  1. I find it soothing to go through clothing and donate what doesn't fit and what I haven't worn for some time. Glad to hear your chemo is almost done!

  2. your gay agenda (to demoralize 'murrica) is just packed! hope you can see your DL friends this week too!

    PS - would LOVE to see you in a kilt!

  3. Thanks for the reminder. I have suits that I will never wear again in my lifetime that need to go to the thrift store. I only need one for the Obvious Reason. Enjoy your three weeks of freedom from the chemo!

  4. good on you that you found your kilts. It's high time you wear them and feel extra specially good about yourself. It's been a long time. Oh, those legs!



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