Friday, August 29, 2014


Nine Years Ago.



  1. I remember Katrina did quite a number on our house in Miami on her way to NoLa. She knocked over trees, ripped off the roof, tore down the fences and destroyed the yard. And we were without power for nearly a week. Not as awful as New Orleans, but still ... what a mess.
    Little wonder that just a bit over a year later we opted to move out of hurricane central.

  2. I was supposed to be in New Orleans that date for Southern Decadence. I had just been in Ft Lauderdale for Katrina's formation right off the coast in the Atlantic. We were under a tropical storm warning when that storm picked up speed so fast that it hit Ft Lauderdale directly as a Category 1 that was one scary night and I've been through stronger storms than Category 1. I can only imagine what it was like to be in it after it got stronger in the gulf. Needless to say the New Orleans trip was cancelled when it started heading that way.

  3. great horny toads, has it been 9 years already???

    and all W did was a fly-over. "heckuva job, brownie!" asshat!

  4. I had forgotten; thank you for reminding us.


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