Thursday, August 28, 2014

Throwback Thursday: A Two-fer

Shot in the same hotel room 10 years apart. How strange is that?

1992: Washington, DC October weekend.  March on Washington for Equal Rights and the last display of the entire Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt. It just got too big and fragile after so many years. Spent more time at the Quilt than in the march because that's where I was needed.

2002: Washington, DC October weekend. March on Washington against the War in Iraq. Dressed for the ordination of a friend which happened to be the same weekend. I offered the Prayers of the People during the ceremony.

Yep!  Same room, same hotel.  I never noticed it before now. What are the odds?

And so it goes.


  1. Ten years and they didn't redecorate?
    Or am I the only one who would pick that up. You were just as handsome 10 years later.
    I wasn't at the 1992 march but was at the 2002.

  2. You've given the game away by telling the dates of each, but I must say I find the guy in the second one has more 'oomph' factor. Perhaps it's something to do with your all-cream rig-out which definitely does something for you.


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