Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happy Hour: Munchies and Mayhem

Dark & Stormy
In all my years living here I have never seen the town so full and bursting at the seams. Although many colleges started classes last week, the crowds were enormous.

In an attempt to head ‘em off at the pass, (and assure myself a weekend parking space) I ran to the pharmacy early - less than 2 miles away - and it took 45 minutes to do the deed. Aside from 5 or 6 minutes picking up the prescriptions, the rest was spent in heavier than usual traffic.

Even at 9:30 a.m. drivers were in a bad mood.  I was an obstacle in their way to the beach, if you get my drift. The speed limit in town is 25mph. I was one of a few locals obeying the law, also one of the few drivers not to be pulled over for speeding.  This did nothing for the visitors' attitude. Nothing.
Now available pre-mixed.

My parking space was still vacant when I returned. I cheered and blessed the Universe. Spent the rest of the day doing bits of nothing; passing time until 4:30 when Linda’s chariot parked out front and beckoned me aboard for a few hours of frivolity and sick humor.  Oh, and cocktails…let’s not forget the cocktails.  Sean made my Dark & Stormy’s and I was in heaven. Jeffrey tried a “Daddieo-Paddio” (sp?) which is a sort of rum martini, but sweet. I had a sip.  It’s lethal, trust me.

This being the last weekend before Labor Day a few of the usual suspects couldn’t join in the fun, but we shared photos and text messages with them, so as not to be totally left out.

As we munched on shredded beef nachos, mussels, clams, and hog wings (yes, we were at Pig & Fish) the funny and not-so-funny stories were shared and
passed around.  Even the P&F staff told a few of their own tales of woe.  Looks like it was the same stories all over town.

Jeffrey, Me, Frank
Tourists were more arrogant and needy this summer than in the past. Large families not willing to give an inch to anyone in their way of having their vacation experience exactly as planned.  Sad, really. So much angst when they ought to have been relaxed and laid back. 

As we were clearing up the tab, the owner of another restaurant came over to chat. His is a classical Irish pub with traditional local Irish foods and always very good. He invited us to celebrate post-Labor Day at his place next Monday after everyone gets off from their shift. It’s to be a special Happy Hour/Party for downtown service workers to wind down from the Summer-from-hell. There’ll be drink specials, of course, as well as a few surprise food specials that made Linda’s mouth water. He had me when he mentioned Irish sausages.
Stoney Lonen Irish Pub & Eatery.

Linda, being an Irish lass and knowing the owner better than any of us, quickly accepted the invitation, informing us all (me included, she will pick me up) that we are to meet there on Monday afternoon. So, now there is another social gig on the horizon to look forward to…I am soooo there!

Before driving me home, Linda took a tour of the town and amazed me with the staggering number of people walking around as well as those driving around (and around) in search of a parking spot. The beach block was insanity writ large, and not having been in large groups or crowds in a year, made me uneasy, even though I was in the car behind plate glass.

Amazingly, just 2 blocks away, my street was a quiet sanctuary with only parked cars evidence of the mayhem just around the corner. 

Ten days from now it will all be over; visitors will all be gone and the town returned to us, a little worn out, but still intact.

I was in bed before 8 o’clock and feeling like a million bucks.

And so it goes.



  1. and I bet you are thanking the universe that YOU didn't have to deal with the summer madness!

    WTF with the asshole behavior, tourists; you are supposed to be on vacation! you must be real gems at home (NOT)!

    so what's in a "dark n stormy"? good times, dear, good times!

  2. Good to hear you had a good time out, sounds like everyone had fun.


  3. I've always been curious about the place. Heard the food was good. Are they gay-friendly?


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