Sunday, August 3, 2014

Scientists: BP Spill Much Worse than People Think.

Don't believe the commercials and the "it's all cleaned up" propaganda
from BP.  Not if you know anyone in the areas impacted by the spill, or read the scientific data.

Yes, just as BP stalls again files yet another appeal with the SCOTUS (story here) essentially crying “foul and unfair” - again - this report is released by Climate Progress at Think Progress:
Scientists at Penn State University have discovered two new coral reefs near the site of BP’s historic 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and the impacts to those reefs from the spill have been greater than expected, according to research released Monday. 
The two additional reefs found by the PSU team were both farther away and deeper than the one coral reef that had previously been found to have been impacted by the spill. That indicates not only that marine ecosystems may be more greatly affected, but that some of the 210 million gallons of oil that BP spilled into the Gulf is making its mark in the deep sea. 
“The footprint of the impact of the spill on coral communities is both deeper and wider than previous data indicated,” PSU biology professor Charles Fisher, who led the study, said.

The rest is HERE. Includes a conversation with Prof. Fisher and more.

BP commercials continue to saturate TV and radio in New Orleans and the Gulf with their lies and propaganda, but folks who know better just sluff it off because, well, they know better.

And so it goes.


  1. Juts because you show us a pretty girl wiping oil off a bird doesn't mean you're finished cleaning up.

  2. Not surprised at all. The government, Demorcratic or Republican, will always lie about the extent of environmental damage. All governments do it (Russian) and will always do it. They are incapable of telling the truth. Remember Three Mile Island and Jimmy Carter traipsing around in those yellow duck boots assuring us that everything was "just fine" and then of course some years later we found out that was just another LIE. They all lie, take that as a given.

  3. BP is spending more millions in ads all through the gulf region. If they just used the money as they were supposed to and cleaned up their mess this would all end. Very stupid business.


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