Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Possibly Good News

Two nurses from the Cancer Research Department sought me out today.  Their job is to find studies or trials that are suitable for current patients and try to match them up, hopefully getting a spot for a patient, like me, who has few other options.

The good news is that the NIH and Mayo Clinic run studies periodically and I may be eligible for one or more of those - if they begin again in the Fall. From what I gather some are studies, others are clinical trials for specific drugs. 

The NIH study could be based anywhere from Maryland to New York, to Florida. The Mayo studies could take place in Minnesota, Florida, or New York in the US, and France or The Netherlands. No word about whether housing is provided or there is a nominal fee, and/or how long the studies, or trials, run.  Again, it seems a study can last anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks. 

Not sure about how the drug trials work. Of course, if the drug isn’t FDA approved, the trials would take place in another country, but may include Americans willing to travel (read desperate for options) abroad for an extended period of time. Any of you medical professionals out there will know more about this than I.

Of course, I would keep the apartment here, unless otherwise instructed. I have nothing holding me anywhere, so it doesn’t matter. But this news gives me hope where there was little to none beforehand.

Without getting his hopes up, this Cajun is optimistic.

And so it goes.


  1. hmmmmm, sounds interesting. and you have no pets/family/job to keep you from going, so that's a plus. that was nice of the nurses to think of you.

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    1. I wish you luck. From what I read the CDC has put all else on hold to work on the Ebola problem. If they had only done that with HIV!

  3. Good Luck, I hope a study comes up and you're chosen. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope the best for you.



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