Friday, August 1, 2014

Results, Revolts, and Receiving

(The title could have been “Receiving Revolting Results” but that would only cover half of the post and confuse the reader.)

The Dermatologist removed the stitches from the punch biopsies this morning. Sites where he removed hunks of meat are healing well, if very, very slowly. Damned immune system!

Biopsy results show that the rash was the body’s revolt against the Chemo, but the cream (a one pound jar!) cleared it and mercifully stopped the itching. The other skin condition, also caused by the compromised immune system, is responding well to the shower/body wash.  I am nothing if not super clean and slippery! (Did I say that?) So, all is well on those fronts.

However, the 3rd Chemo cycle (there are 4, total) starts on Monday, so the staff at the Center and I will be more vigilant for signs of any new changes in the body - inside and outside. Another 7 days of double injections, then off for 21.

If today’s Tarot card (and the one drawn for the month) are any indication, August is going to be kind of a roller-coaster ride. I can deal with the downs, as long as there are a few ups in the mix, too. If you get my drift.

Stopped at the market on the way home to grab a few things before the weekend. All at once the butcher rushes up to me and says, “I hear you had a birthday last week, I have something for you.”  He goes into the back and comes out with a small package wrapped in butcher paper.  Scribbled in marker on the top is “Happy Birthday” and he gives me the package and a hug.

The butcher (very easy on the eyes, I might add) learned about my situation from the Deli manager, who I’ve known for years.  The butcher has been fighting his own battles - doing Chemo off and on for over 2 years. 

The gift turned out to be a beautiful Petit Filet. I am absolutely floored by this gesture. 

Other than the possibility of a dawn walk on the boardwalk, I’ve no plans for the weekend. Just girding the loins for the 7 days to come. Oh, and broiling that great looking hunk of meat.  The filet, not the butcher! Although…Hmmmmm.

And so it goes.


  1. I say broil the butcher and the hell with the filet! ;-)

  2. I say broil the butcher and share the meat....hehehe

  3. Grill the filet and drill the butcher!

  4. I do hope the butcher never finds this blog. Cannibals! Yikes!
    I must say that David's suggestion is a better one all round. (sigh) If only...


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