Friday, August 8, 2014

Happy World Cat Day!

From "I can has cheezburger":

This Friday is World Cat Day which's pretty much the most important day on Earth. And what better way to acknowledge feline greatness than to see cat-like characteristics in the world around us!

Head to the Cheezburger Blog to find out all the details on how you can show everyone who totally looks like a cat! Do you have a cat that looks like a famous celebrity! 

Make it a fun(ny) day, y'all.

More later..


  1. my pussies will be so happy to hear this news!

    of course, EVERY DAY is world cat day to them!

  2. At Casa Bob y Carlos every day is World Cat Day ... at least that's what our cats tell us.

  3. Oh sure, like they need even more pampering? I don't think so. I am a living breathing can opener, that's all I am.

  4. Spo: Every day is world dog day. Cat just don't care, is all...


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