Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Backward Glance...

Last week at this time I was setting foot in the apartment for the first time in 5
weeks. It was a bizarre experience, I must say.

Looking back, I don’t think I’ve made the progress I hoped to make, but in some areas greater strides than I thought possible. I still tire easily, only have a slight increase in appetite, find it hard to stand and cook a full meal, still deal with occasional severe pain in legs and back, and tend to sleep sounder - and longer - than I did while in hospital.

On the other hand I’ve been out and about more. Walking without assistance, tending to my personal needs, eating better - if not more, and most of all - listening to my body instead of plowing ahead and over-exerting myself.Yes, I have learned something from this medical crisis.

I check the apartment/studio ads almost daily, but nothing has come up in my price range or in the selected area I could live. That’s depressing at times. But, it is what it is.

Spent a few hours at Dos Locos today, as well. The staff was disappointed that I couldn’t make a show of it on Friday so they contrived a sneaky-pete way to get me there early. Without going into details, at Linda’s request I put on a dress tartan kilt, sporran, the works, was picked up and spent 2 hours chatting with old customers and staff. The kilt certainly brought a smile to a lot of faces. Linda’s included.

Lots of picture taking and FB posts, folks kept trying to buy me drinks (no way!) - what I really wanted was a Rusty Nail, but seems a Mexican Restaurant doesn’t stock Drambuie.  Linda delivered me home (with my Crab Quesadila in tow) as she left for the airport for the flight to Ireland. 

It was great fun and lifted my spirits as so many people stopped by to give hugs and kisses and well wishes. It was also the third day of the first 7 being out and about with positive results.  Of course, I was tired and ready for a nap when I got home, but that is to be expected only one week on…

I hope to be around come St. Patrick’s weekend. I have plans to order a Wallace red tartan kilt, with all the trimmings in Miss Linda’s honour.  Wallace being her clan tartan, anyway. I won’t be ordering it too soon. I’ve lost way too much weight and I don’t think I could get it in this size right now without special order.  I’ll wait til the new year and see how much meat I put on these old bones, then surprise her at the annual celebration at the restaurant followed by an Irish Whiskey at Stoney Lonen (Rehoboth’s traditional Irish pub) after work.

I’ve run out of reading material and just happened to find that more books in the PERN series have been  published as e-books since Anne McCaffrey’s death. Seems she welcomed her son into her PERN sandbox before she passed away, and he took up the challenge of writing in it on her behalf. Anyway, I’ve downloaded 3 that should keep my waking hours busy for a week or so. 

I’m ready for bed now and whatever awaits me on Sunday - being a shut-in all day should be an interesting experience.

Still, I am amazed.


  1. I had a boyfriend years ago that drank Rusty Nails, wow almost forgot about him. He was hot!

    1. Haven't had one in 20 years. It was just an idea since my taste buds are pretty shot. I couldn't make the drink a regular affair. Too sweet.

  2. Told you so ;-)

    Just so good to hear that you are out of the hospital and have some autonomy and peace and quiet.

    1. Thanks Will, I appreciate the visit and well wishes.

  3. Hi there Wayne,

    I like the positive sound of this post! I'm so glad there is a light at the end of the tunnel & hope you continue to feel better each day.

    It' a good thing I'm not gay or available after seeing those pics of you on the beach. What a stud muffin!!
    Keep on keeping on and hopefully things will continue to improve. Your friend Linda is an angel on earth.
    I'm so glad you have her in your life. We all need a Linda.

    I'll chat with you soon. Take care!


  4. Wonderful that you're out and about and enjoying life and your friends.

  5. Glad to know that you are home and able to get out and about some. I'm sure the Dos Locos visit was wonderful. :-)


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