Thursday, November 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday:Any Weekend 1970s

Old Friends:
For a small corps of us weekend meant busting out and heading for a museum, the Cloisters, Central Park concerts, or just roaming the Village hunting out new eating spots, or getting some sun. Pretty much the only time we wanted to leave the Village - because of tourists.

My oldest and dearest friend, Ted. Met in 1964 at the World's Fair became roommates in college, enjoyed each other's company.  Made each other laugh and knew more about one another than we ever cared to admit. Ultimately worked with Pan Am Airlines until they fell apart.  This caused an emotional meltdown from which he never recovered. He died in a group home in 1990.

Friends Sandy (slightly out of frame) and Bob taking a walk and getting some Spring sun on the Morton Street Pier following a Sunday Brunch at the Ramrod on West Street. The place where I had my first Rum Bloody - Bloody Mary made with dark rum instead of tasteless, cheap vodka. Great food, great friends with bikes, skates, and pretty people on the pier. Both are gone. Deaths are too gruesome to relate here.

These guys and those fun times are sorely missed, but remembered with great fondness.

An so it goes.


  1. Very sad about Ted. He would have been so young too. Sorry to hear of someone departing prematurely for whom you had such affection.

    The more I see of you in the past the more I'm certain that had we met around those times I would have had the hots for you BIG time. You look like just the sort of guy for whom I'd hunt and cruise around all night, bar to bar. Whether you'd have reciprocated the feelings is much more questionable.

    Never tried a Rum Bloody, or even heard of it. But now you've planted the idea.....

    1. Don't like to say publicly , Ron, as I haven't officially 'come out' yet. Maybe I should keep y'all guessing a wee bit longer.

  2. Now that's the whole-face smile I remember. Do you ever smile like that anymore after all that life has dealt you?

  3. Our looks may fade and our health goes down the toilet but thank goodness one thing that always remains, memories of great friends and good times.


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