Friday, November 7, 2014

Day Six: Homefront

Rain, Strain, and Transfusion…Mostly

Rain and mild temperatures for a November day made me tired and lethargic.
Perhaps due to the rain and high humidity the pain in the ankles, legs, and hips got my attention. Hated to do it, going outdoors, being infused and all that, but relief was definitely required.

Linda dropped me off at the Center and ran a few errands; The transfusion went smoothly and quickly. 2 hours later after picking up the prescriptions she delivered me home and I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Five minutes later there was a to-do list that kept me occupied for the rest of the afternoon. Yes, instead of lying around doing my best imitation of a slug, I chose to be at least a little productive. The hours flew by and that was a good thing.

Spending as much time in bed (reading or sleeping) as I do, it was suggested that I find a “V shaped bed pillow” to keep me propped up without getting a stiff neck or causing more damage to my spine. 

Didn’t find any listings here in the states - the “wedge” seems to be the hot item here - but they’re popular in the UK, so I went hunting there. There were listings-o-plenty from Marks & Spencer and Dunelm Mills, to small stores specializing only in sleep and rest aids. M & S and Dunelm were out of stock (I said they were popular!) and I was getting disappointed until I came across a Google listing for Slumberdown at

Surprisingly good prices, too. Checked availability and shipping status - in stock, delivery in about 10 days - then placed the order.   This completed the items on the to-do list, I was feeling smug and hungry.

There is a tentative plan to get me to Dos Locos tomorrow afternoon for a late lunch/early supper. The idea is for someone to pick me up here around 2:30, enjoy a nice meal with the gang, then Jeffrey will deliver me home when he gets off at 4:30 - hopefully after we share an after-shift cocktail together, that is.

Sounds like a plan to me and something to look forward to just before the holiday weekend when I’ll  again revert to shut-in for 3 days. After the progress made this week, I won’t mind it one bit.

I am amazed.


  1. a whole week at home! :)

    enjoy your cock-a-tails and food and friends tomorrow; smooches!

  2. Have fun at Dos Locos! (Have a drink for me.)



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