Wednesday, November 12, 2014

PSB: Hold On!

From their 2012 album "Elysium"

As I've mentioned before I almost always wake up with a song running around in my head. It usually drives me nuts until I find the recording and play it through. Don't know why. This is the tune I woke up with sloshing around in my head this morning. Although I like the song and what it means, a lot, I have no idea why it made a home for itself in my head last night.  But it did.

Another shut-in day, but I am slowly sorting through the most confusing paper work encountered so far.  I fear it will only get worse as the Repubs get their hands on things very soon.

Oh well, think positive thoughts, eh?

And so it goes.



  1. I never knew this track, C. In fact wasn't even aware of the album, which is hardly surprising since about 10 years ago I made a conscious decision to stop following pop music on the grounds that I was too old and it might be more fruitful to direct my listening 'energies' in other directions for the time I've got left. Now you've made me question the wisdom of that decision and I just might return to listening in on what's going on in that world, which used to mean so much to me. Well, maybe I'll do it just now and again. But thanks for opening my.........ears.

  2. Raybeard: I am not really into all the other pop stuff either in the UK or US. I find it repetitious and boring. However PSB have, at least to me, stood the test of time. Their music is fine and tuned well to the ear. Their use of full orchestra or just strings can really make a difference. Most not for dancing anymore, but that's OK. When it is, I am a dancing fool. They were touring here last summer and I missed them by being in hospital.
    Glad you enjoyed the piece.

    1. Yes, PSB have indeed stood the test of time. When they first got big with 'West End Girls' over 20 years ago, although I thought they were pretty good from that start I never dreamt that they'd still be going strong and developing nearly a quarter of a century later. It's even more remarkable in that Neil Tennant's manner of talking through rather than singing most of the lyrics doesn't usually lend itself to a long listening life but they've managed it, becoming the most successful pop duo in history.
      I did see them live for the very first live performance they ever gave, as part of a multi-celebrity charity gig, in one of London's (then) biggest theatres, raising funds for the fight against the Thatcher government's notorious proposal, then brought into law, to make it a criminal offence to 'promote' homosexuality in schools. Because of the crowded programme they only had the space to perform two numbers, one of which, I seem to recall, was 'It's a Sin', easily one of their best ever.

      I used to assiduously follow the pop charts for both UK and America, and recording on cassette those I liked best, playing them maybe years later with a glass of wine, closing my eyes and recapturing that particular period of my life. Now that practice has become slightly less attractive as I try to value more the here and now rather than looking back to past happinesses with a gulp and a sigh, something I feel that you too, through your recent ugly experiences, may prefer to do.


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