Monday, November 17, 2014

ABBA, Answers, & Baba Ganoush

Greeted the day with little pain and no dizziness. Drank 2 large glasses of orange juice while brewing a coffee. Feeling pretty good today.

The song swirling around in my brain when I awoke this morning was “Take A Chance On Me” once a not-so-big hit by ABBA. Fortunately, the song was included on the one CD I have of the group, so as soon as the sun  came up and I was sure not to disturb anyone, I played the thing just to get it out of my head.

Called the Center today with important questions for the doctors. The nurses in Triage helped me out a lot explaining some of the reactions I am experiencing and can expect for a while, as the body works up to its “new normal”. Then I talked with the doctors.  I took a lot of notes. I had to. As I re-read them they sounded more complicated than they actually are. Common sense stuff, really.  

So now I kind of know what to expect. The reason most of this information wasn’t given upon release is that people react differently in similar circumstances and it is easier to focus on an individual after the fact when they experience specific symptoms. At least that’s what they told me. In other words if it didn’t happen to you it’s not relevant to your situation. So there!

The bottom line is:
Recovery will take a long time.
Expect mild to severe pain at any time.
Take medications on schedule daily.
Get plenty of rest.
Be aware of minor physical & mental changes.
Be aware of internal bleeding.
Watch for external bruising, skin discoloration, and rashes.
Pushing the body to heal quicker can cause a relapse.
Sleep whenever possible.
Do not drive a vehicle until you know you can.
Drink plenty of water.
Eat when hungry. Force-feeding is not good for the body.
Eat what gives most pleasure, on Neutropenic diet.
Eat plenty of cooked fruit and vegetables.

Now, that’s a lot to be conscious of on a daily basis.

The truth be told, if it wasn’t for those three taking care of me from day one out of hospital, I wouldn’t be here now. It really is that simple. And to think that Linda already had an over all plan of care before I even got home is mind-blowing. She’s a very insightful woman.

On a funny note, I contacted the Funeral Home to set up an appointment to discuss my “wants and wishes” regarding a funeral. The person answering the phone couldn’t be bothered and told me to complete the survey/questionnaire at their website. I suppose those close to death or their family members don’t need personal, customer service when a few questions answered online can whip out the perfect service for their needs. Maybe I’ll answer the questions at a later date, right now I can’t stop shaking my head and laughing. 

To brighten my day I just received an email from my Visa Card company offering to turn my miles into gift cards.  Ten thousand points equals a $100 gift card. I think I will choose an Amazon card and spend it on myself since I’ve bought a lot of ebooks lately and there are a few other items I would like to order, not the least of which is proper kilt hose, or socks. With the temperatures dropping and the inability to wear long trousers (due to the leg rash), I think I’ll need a little help keeping warm this winter. Though my legs seldom get cold, my body has changed and ain’t what it used to me. 

I’ll keep - and add to - those points in the off chance that I can use the air miles for an upcoming holiday somewhere away from here.  Hey!  One can dream, can one?

Going to ask Jeffrey to take me grocery shopping tomorrow. I’ve suddenly got a craving for Baba Ganoush. I need a healthy snack to munch on while on the computer or reading. Now if I can find enough energy to prepare it, all will be well. I will use store-bought Tahini, no energy to make my own.

ABBA has been playing in an endless loop in the background all day.  Aaarrrrrggggghhhhh !!!

I am amazed.


  1. You got it goin over there Cajun. Keep it up. Both of us had songs a swirlin and background loops running all day. It seems to have worked out well for both of us.

  2. Good news, sounds like you're on your way to recovery but continue to get plenty of rest. I'm not a doctor but I do know rest is necessary for recovery. For the body to heal. Unbelievable about the funeral home response you received. I hope that wasn't Parsells.

  3. ABBA? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (runs screaming from room)

  4. Without wishing continually to strike one note on an ABBA theme (and, in the process, prolong Anne-Marie's screaming ab-dabs), my 'research' has led me to conclude that the group's "not-so-big hit" (as you declare it as having been) was, in fact their biggest success in the States after 'Dancing Queen'. Though, of course, reaching a mere number 3 could, I suppose, be regarded as a relative flop in chart terms.
    Anyway, enough of that. Promise I won't mention it again for....well, for at least 24 hours.

    But glad to see that you're feeling your way back to normality, albeit tentatively and with constraints.

    Had to google 'Baba Ganoush' (partly to ascertain that it wasn't anything to do with that Hindu god with a trunk) - and, must say it does sound most appetising, even to a wizened old veggie like me. My salivary juices are at this very moment flowing copiously. Not a pretty sight!

  5. Raybeard: When it comes to "disco" music I never refer to charts of any kind, but to whether the tune was played and danced to, in clubs. ABBA was never a huge success in the gay clubs, at least not in NYC, where Dancin' Queen was shouted down off the turntable the first night it played at 12West (my fave haunt). I suppose there were already too many dancin queens on the floor at the time. ;-)
    Of course, were we to be in person, I am sure we could chat about this and other topics for hours.

    1. Okay, as you say, vis-a-vis we could continue the discussion. As we're not I'll now drop the subject - save for reiterating (and annoying A.M. in Philly even more), that after the Fab Four the Swedes were the best pop group EVER. Just take my word for it. End of subject :-)

    2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (runs screaming from room AGAIN)

    3. ABBA - ABBA - ABBA (Tee hee!)

  6. ABBA songs remind me of the movie Muriel's Wedding. It's good to hear you are feeling better.


  7. Great to hear that you are doing so much better than just a few weeks ago! I love Abba AND Baba ganoush!! Looking forward to more/similar reports from you so that we can schedule a lunch together. :-)

  8. You might be qualified for a complimentary $1,000 Amazon Gift Card.


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