Friday, November 7, 2014

The Post-Election Blues

Seems everybody’s got ‘em.  My mailbox has been crammed with whiney, sniveling messages from Liberal and Democratic groups about this being the end of the world now that the obstructionist Stoopids are back in control.

Two things here:

1.  It will take them less than the next 2 years to fuck up everything that has been good and positive for the country.

2.  Where were these pundits and consultants when Nate Silver warned of this happening as early as a year ago?  (click image to embiggen!)  No one chose to believe him, though his record speaks for itself.  He’s not an “I told you so” kind of guy.  He just does what he does best - numbers - and the powers that be chose to ignore him.  And, at their (our) own peril. 

Ah, and number 3:  Get ready for another war. One doesn’t need to watch TV to see that’s high on their agenda.

When I saw the crowds at the polls on election day I was alternately happy and worried; an off-year election after all and we didn’t have too much brewing in the pot this time.  I wasn’t surprised at the outcome. 

OK, Here’s the deal.  This election disaster is over.  Flush the fucking Pity-Potty and move on.  After a half century of activism I am most tired of saying this, but there is more work to do than ever. And, it is in our own party. It’s time to get fearless and fierce with those applying for elected office. 

If we don’t. If we choose to let it go and let others do it, well, we’re going to have to live in the world THEY decide we should live in.

Do you want that?  Think hard.  If not, then get your ass, head, and mouth motivated and move on. There is little time before the 2016 con-game bullshit begins to hit the fan.

If you’re miserable you have yourself to blame, if you’re into that sort of thing. So, STFU!!! Cut out the crying, whining, and hand-wringing - IT’S OVER - - FOR NOW!

Help me down off this soapbox.

More later.



  1. So glad to see that you're better, C. ;-)

    1. Raybeard: Many thanks for the Snarky welcome back. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

  2. The Dems have to stop running away from Obama and all the accomplishments and the lazy ones who didn't vote has to get off their asses and vote. If not, they deserve what they get. It's just a shame that all of us have to suffer because of their sloth. The Barbarians were at the Gates, now they're in. Bar the barn door Katy!!

  3. FUCK YEAH! we need progressive leaders throughout the country. COME OUT, COME OUT wherever you are!

  4. Down boy down off that soapbox!
    What you say is so true, it's time to keep on moving and working. This was predicted, disappointing but not unexpected. Us liberals have to pick ourselves up and get movin.

  5. Where in Hell were you and your comments during this train wreck of an election?

    1. well, let me see...While you were doing what little you did to thwart this situation, I was in hospital either trying to stay alive or hoping to end this life in a relatively pain-free manner. I hope that answers your questions. Any more anonymous, bitchy comments will not be posted.

  6. I don't know what to say anymore about the election. I guess I fall in the 'gloom' section.


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