Wednesday, November 12, 2014

No Boring Shut-in Here

Flowers from Dos Locos at Hospital.
Up early again and made coffee - French Press - to warm myself up and begin the day on an up note. Actually made two big mugs to begin the day. Listened to the Pet Shop Boys video (posted earlier) to keep my mood elevated and plunged into the day. 

Ordered 2 prescription refills which will be picked up tomorrow when Nicole takes me for Lab work at the Cancer Center in the morning. She has the day off; with Linda still in Ireland she offered to fill in for the task.  Nice of her. I hated to impose because she’s going to school, and works at 2 restaurants to make ends meet.  Very little free time for herself.  I am humbled by her generosity. 

Spent some time clearing and reorganizing the closet. It was like a black bag Liquidation Sale! Turns out I was very much a Carisack collector (Havisack, too) - had them in all shapes and sizes and from every possible manufacturer. As my needs and gizmos changed, so did the size and shape of the Carisack. 

Ordered another new cap from Amazon. A gray version of the black Irish cabbie cap I’ve had for a while. I like the texture and lightness as well as how it looks with any kind of outfit - dressed up or dressed down. 

Made an appointment to meet with the local funeral director to choose the kind of service, if any, I want for my funeral. Since I am going to be cremated anyway, I don’t think I need anything fancy in which to be laid out.  If anything at all.  I know nothing about this stuff, so will fill in the details when I learn more.  I don’t even think there’s any reason for a viewing. 

Since I am not allowed fresh lettuce or tomatoes, a proper “dressed” Roast Beef Po-Boy is out of the question.  Still I can make the gravy, toast the baguette and slather it with mayo and pickles - at least making it into a modified Po-Boy, or French Dip.  That will be for supper tonight.  Chips would be nice, but I have none. Bother.

I decided to kick the Gillette and Schick shaving systems. When I found that 8 replacement blades were priced at $25.00 I vowed to find another way.  Since I shave my head as well, I wanted something with multiple blades at a reasonable cost.  And I found HARRY’S!  Great prices, good reviews, and free shipping. I ordered a starter kit which ought to be here in a week. Cost of replacement blades is half that of the other name brands. Abount $1.80 per blade.

Since I am no longer allowed to have house plants because of the mold spores causing infections, Jeffrey will be taking them home to care for them in his new place, which has a bright enclosed porch. I would have hated to throw them away, since I raised them from 6” $5.00 pots over the past 5 years and they’ve gotten very large and happy here. I hope they grow well for him, too.

Well, well, well.  Isn’t that precious?  I just received an email containing a somewhat long patient satisfaction survey from the Beebe Medical Center.  I think afternoon and part of the evening will be well spent, after all.

I am amazed.


  1. perhaps get some chips whilst out and about tomorrow. sounds like you had a busy day!

  2. That's a beautiful flower arraignment.


  3. your modified po-boy sounds super yummy. quick question - did you ever get to see Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke? I saw it on your Wish List and if you haven't I would love to send it to you. I found it incredible and heartbreaking. I don't have the New Orleans connection you do - but it made my heart break all over again for victims of Katrina and FEMA

  4. Nice to see you're in your home again. Hospitals are sometimes necessary but to really recuperate home is better.


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