Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ear-worms, Errands, & Early Winter

This is what I woke up humming this morning. I must say I could play this score all day and not tire of it.  The brilliant Michael Ball & Il Divo - what’s not to love?  Yes, in case you didn’t already know, I am an incurable romantic.  So shoot me!

Jeffrey picked me up early and we set out in the (suddenly) frigid cold weather.  What happened?  Yesterday it was in the 50s and today we’re shivering in the 28’ F range with 20 mph winds!  And…I cannot wear long trousers because of the leg rash. All my summer shorts are in the laundry Jeffrey was taking home to wash for me and the only sweats I have are way too big for me nowadays. Three of me could fit in them. Not a great look, if you get my drift.

So guess who wore a kilt again today? The more I wear them, the more I love them. I wore the Scottish Wool one - and yes, with underwear - along with a tee-shirt under a long sleeve sport shirt and covered all with a hoodie. When he picked me up, Jeffrey thought I was nuts since he was bundled like an Eskimo or a frozen Elf.  Take your pick.

With lists in hand, we were off!

I had sets of house keys made for Jeffrey and Nicole, so they can get in if I’m not up to opening the door, for any reason. I also shopped for a small electric space heater for the bathroom. There is no vent in there for the central heat and the thermostat died in the old heater that's 10 years old. Bought that, too.

With winter making its early debut, Jeffrey wanted to look for flannel sport shirts.  We stopped at Eddie Bauer, Bass, and Dickies.  Finally found one he liked, a handsome plaid and well made; I probably should have followed his lead, but thought I’ll hold off a bit and see how the money goes. 

Hit the pharmacy for a refilled script that has done wonders for an annoying dry cough I’ve had since the hospital. The cough is almost gone completely. Grocery shopping was next then we headed for a few hot coffees and breakfast.

Happily, the wool kilt kept my torso and lower body warm. Because of the strong winds the only thing to get cold (now stop with the evil minds!) was my nose. The old Twig & Berries were fine, thank you. The hoodie kept my head and ears toasty and the feet weren't bothered at all.

Walked in the door around noon to a strange “chirp” sound that Jeffrey recognized immediately.  I was clueless until we walked into the bedroom.  The chirp was emanating from the smoke alarm, (which I thought was electrical since I had never changed a battery in the years I’ve been here) so Jeffrey asked for a 9V battery and hunted down the battery location inside the device.  Thank the Goddess he was here because I  could not have climbed a ladder to search for the hidden pocket. 

It took him a few minutes of huffing and cursing, following wires, setting off the test alert a few times, to zero in on the exact location. Let’s just say the battery compartment is well hidden. The battery power is only used if the electrical power goes off and it functions silently. How would I have known of the battery’s existence?  I wouldn’t. But FIVE years? That's some long-lasting battery.

He grabbed the laundry bag, the last of the house plants, and the new set of keys.  Then he gave me a hug and headed for home.

After putting everything away, I got into bed and took a short nap. Woke up a while ago with leg and back pain, had a quick sandwich for supper and took a pain med. I am tired, so I think I’ll snuggle into bed and read a few hours until I fall asleep.

Another day of adventure and misadventures; and tomorrow begins with Labs at the Center. Not sure I can stand being out of the house two days in a row.

I am amazed.



  1. I like your closing phrase. Compared to the usual 'and so it goes' of yore, this one is... more positive in so many ways.

    Keep it up!

  2. what a busy day you had! and bless jeffrey! rest well, honey!

  3. Wearing a kilt and NOT going commando? Oh well, let's put it down to the weather - not to mention your delicate and understandably risk-averse condition.

    I saw Michael Ball in 'Aspects of Love' in its relative brief run in the West End - brief for Andrew Lloyd Webber, that is, being a 'mere' two years. Haven't heard this version before. Glad that he's ironed out some, though not all, of the ugly (in my opinion) vibrato in his voice that marred his voice those two decades-plus ago.
    It's a curious musical. You may remember that Roger Moore was slated to have been the main star (not the Michael Ball role) but pulled out when he and A.L.W. realised that his singing voice couldn't cope with the demands. The musical begins with this at the very start, the strongest song in the whole score, leaving one spending the remaining two hours or more wishing for another song as good - and to be left a bit disappointed.

    1. Raybeard: Unlike most American men - with poor personal hygiene - I usually go commando, but with the temp at 28'F and the winds blowing at 20 MPH, I wanted to be sure the twig and berries were still there when I got home. I am so glad I've discovered these again. I really love wearing them and they're so much more comfortable than shorts of any kind. While I like the classic 3-strap, I am happy to have remembered the Utility kilt with snaps and huge side pockets for use instead of a sporren. I've got 3 others interested in the kilt life - two are straight. Kilt On!

    2. Glad to hear that, C. Until fairly recently one could never get away with wearing a kilt here unless one had genuine Scottish ancestry, though that is changing slowly now. We have a certain Sikh comedian on our TV who's lived most or all of his life in Scotland, speaks with a strong Scottish lilt (which I love) and always wears a kilt along with his turban.
      In my own experience I think I've yet to see a kilt being worn anywhere in real life outside my two visits to Edinburgh..
      I could never get away with it myself as one needs a strong, tight-muscled backside to carry it off - as well as good legs - and there lifelong varicose veins in my left calf let me down. But if one is comfortable, why not? The garment must be much more comfy than trousers or shorts, as you say - and it's more logical for men to be wearing skirts so that the dangly bits have room to swing freely.

  4. May you be amazed at every new day for each one has something to teach us if we like it or not.

  5. Kilt on Cajun!
    One day I'll learn more about them. I just have a simple black utility myself.

    1. Mine too, was a black Utility kilt with snaps and big side pockets. I love it. Now that I've rediscovered the joy of kilts I prefer it to wearing shorts - cargo or otherwise. I have a classic tartan too for m ore formal times. My next will be another Utility, but this time in a dark Khaki. I like their heaviness and solid fabric. Used to be folks looked at you strangely in your kilt, not anymore. Side glances yes, but more often people just accept it. My experience so far. Let me know if you want to reputable, customer centered company. I've got it.


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