Saturday, November 15, 2014

An Antsy Shut-in Kind of Weekend

This weekend marks 2 weeks out of hospital, and my, how the time does fly!!! And today I am antsy.

No personal post on Friday. Mostly hung out in bed, reading or sleeping. Ate very little, didn’t feel hungry. Just tired without energy, so being a shut-in wasn’t a bad thing. 

This feels very strange. I pretty much slept from 2:30pm Friday until 1:30am today. Woke up feeling fine, without any appetite to speak of, though I ate cereal and had a coffee followed by a bagel with cream cheese and preserves. 

This is the second or third time I’ve experienced this kind of episode since leaving hospital and I think it’s time to ask the doctors about it.  Which I will do on Monday. Meanwhile, this sleeping/napping 12 to 16 hours a day is taking a big chunk out of that “borrowed time” I’m living on right about now. 

Will try to get someone to take me out tomorrow morning - maybe even have breakfast - just to get out and about for a while. Enough to tire me out from actually exerting myself, if you get my drift.I am not going to get any stronger, or prettier just sitting around like Joe Egg and I need to build my strength and stamina.

Found 2 listings for small apartments at Craigslist and put through calls to both of them.  It is the weekend, after all, so I may not hear anything, but then again. 

Some people tell me I ought to relax and watch TV or a movie, but I am not interested in being in a passive mode right now. I can’t sit still for that kind of “entertainment” nowadays. I’ve watched a few YT music videos but that’s the extent of my viewing pleasure.

I’m antsy and need to be engaged in something.  But, what? I think I need an anxiety medication about now.

And so it goes.



  1. tv blows goats AND rots the mind. yeah, you need to get outta da house; has linda returned from ireland yet? can you drive on your own yet?

  2. Good luck on the apartment search. Please keep eating to keep your strength up.


    1. Doing the best I can, but if the appetite isn't there, it isn't there. Thx for the visit.

  3. Just called you on your landline (left a message) and your cell phone (no message). If you want to get out call of send me an e-mail. I don't have to go to work until Wednesday.

  4. Antsy translates to stress. You don't need stress in your life anytime, but especially not now. This is a good time to learn more about how to relax and just be.
    You're doing well, my friend. Don't push too hard.

  5. fie on ativan
    what you need is to get laid.


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