Friday, November 28, 2014

I Remember These Things

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I Remember These Things.

I remember the time before Black Friday. It was a 4-day weekend usually spent visiting friends and family all the while eating more turkey than you would in the next 11 months.

I remember when there was NO sunday shopping. (In NOLA,  grocery stores were open, liquor was available 24/7 and pharmacies were open. However, back then they sold only pharmaceuticals - no toys, groceries, or any non-health related items.)

I remember when you couldn’t find products from certain manufacturers at competitive prices, no matter how hard you tried,  more than a few cents either way. I speak of price fixing by companies like Panasonic and Sony, which was finally addressed in the late 1970s. Though they were hit with huge fines the end result is that consumers lost out, as usual. 

I can remember walking into a store looking for an item and if you didn’t see what you needed, there was always more in the “back” stock room and employees knew where to find it.  It was called service back then...

I remember great customer service and care, even being on a first name basis with sales staff.  Not anymore.

If retailers wonder why the internet has taken over as King and Queen of retail, they can look at themselves, their greed, treatment of employees, and lack of care for the customer base. People eventually get tired of being treated badly or abused. Really, they do. Then they vote with their feet and wallets.

For the most part, we went elsewhere. When you get better service from a small online retailer than a big name store you’ve been shopping for years, it’s time to move on. No customer service or support to speak of? Why wait in long lines to get a problem fixed? Go elsewhere. All fixed usually with a few clicks in minutes or with a quick email.  At least that’s my experience.

A far cry from the older model of holiday shopping.

I am still amazed.



  1. My Only Thought Is Amen! Thats why I'm an advocate of supporting the small business whenever I can. I will say in defense of Pubix as a major corporation they still do good job with the values and customer service still today. If they don't have its ordered on the next truck.

  2. today is buy nothing day; spouse and I agree with this 100%. the only thing we purchased today was gasoline for the car.

    tomorrow is small business saturday; spouse and I also agree with this 100%. we get better service in our local shops for the things we need.

    1. Good on ya! I do Small Business Saturday every year. We're such a small town, I wish more businesses took part in the promo to get word out about their products or services. As it is, I hope to spend a few at three places today. One a regular haunt, the other two fairly new, but with good (under-advertised) products. Cheers.

  3. Right on the mark my friend. I do shop at Walmart (the only place I can buy my urologist approved 100% bran flakes). I have lost count the times I have asked a Walmart employee for information only to be met with a vacation "Are you talking to me?" stare. I don't even ask any more. The last time I ask (two weeks ago) I asked the employee in the photo section "Do I get my negatives back if I give them to you for prints?" She immediately said 'Of course!" Then I showed her the envelope which Walmart supplies to put in the negatives to be sent out (probably to India) and it says "NEGATIVES WILL NOT BE RETURNED". I asked her about that. She looked at me and then walked away. Nuiff said.

    1. I'll bet you could find that cereal at Amazon, but I think you like shopping at WM. Your choice.

  4. I agree; the grass was indeed greener then.
    I still like to shop small stores where there is nice service etc. It is worth the extra money. Bottom line cheapest shoppers (I empathize) get the worst with their desire to find the cheapest.


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