Friday, November 21, 2014

Into The Woods - Trailer.

It's taken a long time to get this play to the screen.

Anticipation: Sondheim, Rob Marshall, Musical Score.

Apprehension: Disney Studios.

Unuf said.


  1. I'm looking forward to this enormously - but yet with some apprehension, as was justified by the film version of 'Sweeney Todd'. Having seen 'Woods' on stage three times (and have recordings) I'm quite familiar with it, but have fears on a few points - such as that all the lyrics may not be decipherable as well as being cut. (On stage it was miked and every word from all the cast was crystal clear). Cast looks good here, though. Of course on film the visual theatrical conceits are always stripped away in favour of literalness, and this trailer illustrates that it happens here too. I assume that Sondheim would have had a hand in this production, as he did in 'Todd', so that ought to bring a measure of assurance.
    I doubt if the film will get a wide release as those who are not familiar with theatre just won't know the work enough to want to go, despite most of the stories being well-known. But let's not moan so much before it even arrives. I said I'm looking forward to it and that is absolutely the case. May it realise my best hopes..

    1. We are going to see it on Christmas day, for Someone likes to go to the movies on that day.
      I hope it goes well.


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