Friday, June 20, 2008

Five Things Meme

OK, here goes...I'm not good at these, but they are kind of fun.

Five Things In My Freezer
1. Ice Cream
2. Ice
3. Boneless Chicken thighs
4. Pork Ribs
5. Breakfast Sausage

Five Things In My Wardrobe
1. Clothes (duh!)
2. Shoes & boots
3. Cameras and Lenses
4. Two small cabinets containing summer shorts and tee shirts
5. Collapsible Luggage

Five Things In My Car
1. Road Atlas
2. Reusable grocery bags
3. CDs
4. Cell phone charger
5. Quarters for parking meters (a must here at the beach)

Five Things In My Bag
1. Daily Planner
2. Small digital camera
3. Check Book
4. Bottle of Aspirin
5. Large umbrella

Five Things On My Bedside Table
1. Clock radio
2. Cassette player
3. Book of the week
4. Cordless phone
5. Pen and pad for writing down dreams.

Lots to do today, working all weekend.

And so it goes


  1. Bag? What do you have? A man purse?

  2. No, Ron... Man purses are very European; you've seen my bag at least a dozen times, though probably never noticed.
    It's my black leather backpack, smarty pants.


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