Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fundraiser for Bishop Gene Robinson's Safety

If you don't know the back story of Gene Robinson and the Universal flame war created by his consecration as Bishop of New Hampshire, go here. And here.

Meanwhile my friend Elizabeth (and sister in crime) over at Telling Secrets has begun a fund raiser to help assure the Bishop's safety while in London at the upcoming Lambeth conference. I'll let Elizabeth get into the fine points.
As many of you are painfully aware, the Rt. Rev’d Gene Robinson, duly elected and consecrated Bishop of New Hampshire, has not been invited to attend Lambeth Conference, the once a decade gathering of Bishops and Primates around the Anglican Communion which has, for over thirty years, pledged to be part of a ‘Listening Process’ of the stories of LGBT people.

Never mind. Bishop Gene will be there anyway.

The Incarnation has always been something of a scandal. For some, the Incarnation is a threat that must be silenced or destroyed.

Bishop Gene and his beloved Mark have received constant death threats. When Bishop Gene was in England just a few weeks ago, Mark received two death threats on the answering machine of their home – they were "angry and credible" and a serious concern since that number has been carefully guarded.

It goes without saying that Bishop Gene will need greater security and protection while at Lambeth.

I had the honour and pleasure of meeting Gene and Mark when Gene was a potential candidate for Bishop of the Diocese of Newark in New Jersey when they visited my church. I was a member of the vestry - look it up. He is a kind, gentle, and thoughtful man. A good sense of humor and quick smile are always there for the taking.

It's painful to imagine that anyone would want to, plan to, insist on doing harm to this man. Indifference spreads only more hate while positive action helps to bring enlightenment and love. And isn't that what this is all about?

Go to the Telling Secrets link above for more. And...Please give as you are led.


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