Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday 70s Disco Tea

The Bee Gees Live. Tragedy:

I have always thought that Barry Gibb was sexy, and his falsetto was almost as good as Frankie Valli's.

Never mind.

And so it goes.

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  1. That was so strange for me. It's posted above 'Did'ja ever have one of those days?' One of the songs is TRAGEDY....

    My 4th husband was often mistaken for Barry Gibbs - me being a 'classical music snob', had never heard of the Bee-Gees.

    When others told me about them; how Dan looked like Barry, I had to learn more.

    Once I heard a few of their songs, I grew to love them!

    I created a play-list; only able to find 55 songs by the Bee-Gees on that web-site, but suffice to say I have all 55 on a list.

    I saw my 4th husband a few weeks ago; he's 61 - sad to say, he hasn't held his 'age' (or looks), but he now looks as if he's Barry Gibb's grandfather.

    Loved the video - it sure took me back about 28 years....



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