Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gay Circus - Barcelona

You know, I've never been to Spain...but now, I would very much like to visit. Not only can we marry there, but we have our own circus, which looks and sounds like a sort of cirque du soleil. I mean, just look at the costumes. OK, OK, after admiring the eye candy.

Beautiful, just beautiful. I would love to see the performance. No, really, get your mind out of the gutter. Jeez!

Here's the website.

And so it goes.


  1. You know whether it's 'guys or girls' who are in absolutely the best physical shape, it's 'eye-candy' to everyone.

    We live near Las Vegas, so we've seen the Circ-du-sole (not sure if that's spelled 100% correctly) performances, and they are breath-taking.....

    I wish you had a video of these people, but the photos are still enough evidence that there are people who really are taking care of their bodies; health, and creating spectacular 'art', with just what they can do, and how well they do it.

    I enjoyed this...


  2. Now I should have 'cheated' before I posted, and then I'd have spelled the name of the show correctly....

    Anyway, I cheated 'after the fact' - so, here it is:

    At the Bellagio (which is beautiful; has a great gallery of fine art, and super buffets):

    Like a circle that never ends, Cirque du Soleil’s “O” takes audiences on an ethereal and elemental journey through life, where water, fire, air and earth create a world of infinite possibilities.
    Audience: 5 years and older
    Length: 90 minutes

    Straight from their promotional site. Diane


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