Friday, June 6, 2008

More Back Problems

Yes, I did it again. And again, it was due to a fallen tree branch that came down in the storm the night before last, completely blocking the road. Again, I was not alone, another neighbor got there ahead of me and I made the big mistake of getting out to help move the damned thing.

Well, what was I supposed to do, just sit there like a dolt and cheer him on alone?

Together, we were able to move it just enough to get by, but while we gave it one more heave, it happened. I think this snap is worse.

Didn't get a lick of sleep last night and I've been alternately icing and heating the spot all day with no relief. I'll see the chiropractor tomorrow.

Since I have no insurance this could get very expensive.

Prayers are always welcome.


  1. Baby, you sound like Bobby. You both have got to learn to let go of trying to keep on doing certain things. Of course, for me that was easy.

    Take care of yourself. There's a coupla guys down here waiting to drink you under the bar this July!

  2. My friend (thanks to John McSame for that opener),

    try to tattoo this little number on your body somewhere it will always be visible, "I am not able heavy shit anymore."

    I am certain this would allow you to keep the money spent at the Chiro's in your own pocket, where it's needed most.

    You busted your back in that last big storm...remember?

    Take care my friend. I send you healing thoughts and much love.


  3. Damn!
    Reminder: Proof read next time!

    " I am not able to LIFT heavy shit anymore!"

    So, I added LIFT and "!" so please make note.



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