Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What a Wednesday

Awoke this morning to reduced back pain, but still cautious, showered, had a glass of OJ, and left the apartment around 7:45 to fuel up the car then headed to the dentist's office for a cleaning and exam. Received an excellent evaluation of my flossing, brushing skills, and like that. I was given a gold star which was pressed onto my forehead.

Visited the Chiropractor who decided that I ought not have an adjustment, but continue to rest and continue alternating heat and ice at hourly intervals. It seemed to help last night.

The weather was perfect; clear sky, light breeze, and temperatures in the low 70s. I toyed with the idea of taking a walk on the beach, but decided against that idea because of the back.

Ran a few other errands then headed back to the apartment to get off my feet and take the pressure off the back. Iced and heated, and read until I had to hit the road again. I'm getting in a lot of reading these days

Had two meetings this afternoon and have just returned with the back screaming in pain.

I was supposed to have dinner with friends tonight at a Greek restaurant, but by now, they are finished and on their way home...Maybe next week.

Checking email I was happy to receive messages from two friends spearheading the NOLA reunion event. Seems they have secret plans for us and will not offer a clue. I am grateful to have such friends - they know me well.

I am looking forward to meeting one, possibly two NOLA bloggers at their local haunt, and my two beautiful Italian ladies are up for the adventure.

Yes, I know there are twenty eight days before I board that aircraft to NOLA, but I am rehearsing what and how to pack what I am carrying on with me, while still trying to work out how I can take the D70 with me.

"Is a puzzlement!"

And so it goes.



  1. Better get that gold star off of your forehead before you go back to work or else some crazy might think you're one of them Muslims, in which case you will have no right to habeas corpus and you may end up in Gitmo. Think you have it bad now? How would you like some female soldier have you dog collared leashed up and leading your naked body around for all to see? You may be deemed an "enemy combatent" in which case you have no rights because you don't wear a uniform. So, get that gold star off of your forehead Grace!

  2. Oy!

    Such paranoia...are you off your meds again?

    Actually, Jill, the dental hygienist, would do a swell job at Gitmo. She rips my teeth and gums up every few months.

    Now calm down and have a festive Apple-tini.


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