Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Life Sucks - Two

You know that old saying, “If you want to make God laugh, make plans.” Well this morning was a perfect example of that, and God must be ROTFLHAO.

Laundromat: Arrived at 6:45 to find the place jumping; an Hispanic couple, two Amish men, and two older women all in various states of getting the job done. They must have been waiting for the place to open.

There were still many empty washers, so I threw the clothes into one, close and lock the door and feed the thing 10 quarters. Nothing happens. The machine is dead. I remove the clothes to another machine and, again, this one is dead. I am now out $5.00 and nothing is wet yet. The third time is the charm. Finally the machine whirrs into action and the pre-wash cycle begins. When it kicks into wash cycle I add the detergent only to find that the water is ice cold. I had set the selector knob for HOT!! It is only then that I was informed that there is no hot water. Everyone is washing in cold water only. Someone suggested that the absentee owner was saving money by not having to heat the water. I shot back that he was making plenty of money by not repairing broken machines. And there are no refunds.

These machines are designed so that one cannot know if they are working, or not. You see, once the machine starts the door cannot be opened. This means you must put the clothes in, lock the door, insert the $2.50 and - - pray! The door will not open during the washing process.

The dryer worked well, however, the greedy owner changed the drying time from 9 minutes per quarter, to 7. Nice

This was to set the tone of the morning. At every stop I was met with obstacles and barriers that were dead set against allowing me to continue and complete the items on my list. I couldn’t even get cash out of the ATM!

I am going to attempt to vacuum the pool now. I don’t know of anything that could thwart my efforts, but if there is something, I’m sure it will.

And so it goes.



  1. Man, do I hate laudromats. your story brings back so many memories and none are happy ones.

    Hope the pool vacuuming went OK that your hands survived, and no gremlins got in your way.

  2. I so enjoy your satrical remarks; you need to start another blog that has nothing but satire.

    Your writing skills are terrific; think about it, and make a link if you do.



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