Friday, June 6, 2008

Obama Offers a LGBT Conference Call

I haven't worked on a Presidential campaign since that of Eugene McCarthy in 1968. It was my first and only Pres. Campaign. The way that campaign whithered (and the events leading up to the election) shall we say, put me off going through it again. All the emotions, dedication, and hard work only to lose it all. It was just nuts; Hubert Humphrey, Bobby Kennedy and his subsequent assassination, then the big knives came out, finally stir in to that mix the volatile happenings in Chicago and it was all over. The thing is Gene wouldn't have run in the first place if Bobby hadn't refused to run at the beginning.

This arrived in my inbox a few minutes ago. If I wasn't in such pain and my voice didn't quiver, I'd love to be included.

Dear friend,

After aggressive contests in all 50 states, the Democratic Primary has come to an end. If we are to elect Barack Obama president in November, as a community, it's important that we come together.

With the unified and enthusiastic support of LGBT Americans, our chance of success is much greater. That's why we need your help to take the next step in supporting Barack.

Tomorrow, Friday, June 6th, at 6:00 p.m. Eastern time, our campaign is hosting a national call for LGBT Americans who are interested in helping Barack.

On this call, we will give a status report of our campaign as a whole, discuss LGBT policy, provide suggestions for how you can be involved and answer questions and hear your concerns.

National LGBT Conference Call
Friday, June 6th, 2008
6:00 p.m. EDT

RSVP for the conference call:

http://pride. barackobama. com/LGBTcall

As a gay American, I couldn't be more proud to work for Barack Obama. I believe in my heart that he will be a great president with the best judgment to lead our nation. He is a friend and will fight for justice and equality, standing up for our individual rights.

The stakes in this election are very high. A nation led by Barack Obama will stand in stark contrast to that of his opponent.

Please forward this email to others who may be interested in joining the call. If the timing of the call does not work for you, we will schedule another one in the near future.

Join us on the call and learn more about our LGBT program:

http://pride. barackobama. com/LGBTcall

I hope you will get involved and join us on Friday.



Steve Hildebrand
Deputy Campaign Manager
Obama for America

P.S. -- We've pulled together a few resources for you to learn more about Barack and LGBT issues.

Learn more:

http://pride. barackobama. com/LGBTcall

It's going to be an interesting - not to mention scary - election year.

And so it goes.

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