Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Update & Funny Video

The back: not worse, but not better. I am trying a muscle relaxant. I don't usually tolerate these things well. Stay tuned.

Work: Had a 5K sale. Where these people are getting the money, I haven't a clue.

Life: Received and read a few emails from some of the old friends I'll be seeing at our 50th anniversary reunion in New Orleans next month. Some really sweet stuff as the excitement builds. After popping the pill and turning on the news, I decided to surf a bit and found this video (God, I love YouTube) just as McSame was performing his best imitation of Dubya yet.

I'm Voting Republican! Enjoy.

Update 2: The pill has kicked in and it isn't as advertised. I wouldn't attempt to drive right now, but the relief is minimal. I'll take it, but hoped for more.

The heat (and humidity) wave finally broke last night, for which we are all truly grateful.

And so it goes.

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