Thursday, June 12, 2008

Obama: Fight the Smears

By now, I am sure that many have begun receiving those viral emails regarding "the real Barak Obama" so you know the swift-boating has begun. And, as per usual, the volume of the right-wing Mighty Wurlitzer noise machine's been cranked up high.

However, Obama isn't going to rollover as Kerry did. Nope. His campaign has already launched a site to put the truth out there. Visit Fight the Smears to fact check what the crazies are touting as fact. Essentially the site says "prove it!"

Example: one email insisted that "Obama wasn't born in the Hawaii, rather he was in fact, born in Africa, not an American at all. Oh, and the state of Hawaii doesn't release copies of birth certificates, so just trust me."

Really? Wanna see the certificate? Follow this link.

Like him or not, Obama isn't going to back down and for me, that's a good beginning for 'change'.

So, if you're unsure of the truthiness of some email, you now have the ability to get the facts. Use it and send the correction to the sender of the original email received. They may not believe you (they rarely do) but at least the truth is in their hands and the decision to believe, or not, is theirs.

And so it goes.


  1. How refreshing that Obama is fighting back the swift-boating of him. I just may contribute to this campaign. It won't be dollars wasted as with Kerry. I especially like the Obama campaign giving the McSame (and the Right Wing Crazies) a bit of their own medicine by jumping on Old Confused everytime his makes a mistatement (re it "doesn't matter how long the troops stay in Iraq." Finally, they're learning from Karl Rove. What took them so long? 'Fraid they might be called weak on defense? This is hardball fellas. Better learn to play it or lose. McSame and all the liars are easy targets. Go for it.

  2. Hey, this is a great resource! Thanks!
    I have a friend who is a mouth-foaming Log Cabin Republican (I know, I know...this is where I find the Serenity Prayer helpful), and this is just what I need when I get his rabid emails.

  3. Thanks for posting this. Last night I was playing Keno next to an older woman who asked me if I'd vote for Obama. I told her he's the ONLY one I'd vote for. She said she'd never vote for a 'n_ _ _ _ _', and that we'd never get a woman as a president.

    I reminded her that once we'd have never thought of having a FEMALE as a CANDIDATE for a president. With that she 'shut up'.

    As to the smears, I get so tired of the way our media even bothers to follow up with this crap - 'nasty' seems to be a way of life with the politicians, and I'm not looking to elect a 'politician' (although it seems that's about all we've elected for years now).

    Good link/article/entry. Diane


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