Saturday, May 17, 2008

Drag Queen Robs Burger King! Only in NOLA...

A New Orleans Burger King recently got a visit from a drag queen with a gun, New Orleans television station WDSU reported. Security cameras showed the man, wearing a dress with a revealing bust line and hair barrettes, climbed through the takeout window at a Burger King on May 11. He held the employees at gunpoint, demanded money, exited through the same drive-through window and drove away.

Since he comes through the take out window, he's in bare feet prompting the WDSU reporter to ask the all important question; "was he wearing pumps or men's shoes?"

Read the rest of the story and view the video HERE

Beware of drag queens packing heat... I'm just sayin'.

And people think drag queens are sissies. Ha!


  1. Listen, I'd rather take on a Hell's Angel biker than a drag queen! Those girls fight dirty!

  2. Honey, if that drag queen was in Delaware, I'd know EXACTLY who it was.
    Really funny. You've made my worthless Tuesday at work much cheerier. (is that a word?)
    The video is priceless.
    Will we see you at Gay Bingo next weekend? Carlota Tendent will be holding court.


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