Saturday, May 3, 2008

Recession: Down This Road Again

It's been a cloudy though otherwise delightful spring day here, so I did some cooking for the week ahead, performed a few household chores then, after checking and responding to emails, decided to spend some time learning more about dealing with limited funds and surviving the "R" that is engulfing us here in the US.

Searching for sites offering sage advice on how to survive yet another Recession – yeah I know, Chimpy McFlightsuit has been denying it for months as he has virtually everything over the past 7+ years until yesterday finally admitting that “the economy is going through tough times” CHECK PLEASE! Mission Accomplished, my a**– and I came upon a few good ones.

Frugality is a good thing. A weekly budget is essential (and workable). An annual budget can cough up the big picture in a whole new light. But, I have never been able to spell out and follow to the letter any budget. And who among us can predict some unforeseen emergency or expenditure like my car getting hit in a parking lot two months ago? None of us.

I know how to be a frugal shopper, always have been, especially in the supermarket and via a few of these sites I’ve learned how to save even more. I do most of my cooking at home (without a proper stove w/oven – which I miss, but find I can live OK without) and usually dining out with friends once a week, or so. I am a fairly good cook and aside from the web I’ve gotten great and healthy recipes from other blogs. One in particular is in Holland. His recipes are healthy, heart-smart, and delicious. Perhaps we share similar tastes in foods. I love trying new recipes and fortunately, even if the original isn’t exactly the best, I find I can usually make a few changes to bring it to my liking. Then it gets stored in the recipe box. Yes, I still have one.


Having only scratched the surface I won’t bore you with the links at this point; I am taking notes and following links to more useful information. So far I have found none specifically targeting folks of a certain age, but there must be some out there.

However, there is one blog that is helpful in many ways, offering insights from her childhood as well the family’s past achievements in getting beyond the rough times. She leaves no doubt that one can come through a recession better for the experience.

Read it for yourself and let me know what you take away and use in your own life.

A little rock and roll with the recession.

Try it, you'll like it.

And so it goes.

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