Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorials, Mondays, Much Pain…

Update: Kidney stone has yet to begin its journey south. I was awakened at 3 a.m. with pain almost unbearable; so little sleep came my way. Drinking lots of water, as usual, and walking as much as possible helps keep things moving, if you get my drift.

It took 40 minutes to drive the seven miles home from work this evening. The end of a holiday weekend and the tourists chose to leave at the same time – always the case.

While slipping out of my work drag and into a dry martini, I turned on the TV and was pleasantly surprised to find myself facing William Wyler’s “The Best Years of Our Lives” – which I haven’t seen in many years. Magnificent filmmaking. Every shot is a gem. It was just what I needed this evening. I studied this film in detail when I was at NYU, and watching it today took my mind off the pain, brought back many memories and made me cry for someone other than myself.

After supper I downed a painkiller, which should be kicking in any time now. I pray it will get me through the night without disruption. We shall see. If I don’t see blood in my urine soon, I might go mad. Well, more than I am already. OK?

I don’t know how I am still standing. Well, I guess since I can’t sit, or lie down, standing would be the only option.

And so it goes.


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