Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kidney Stone Zombie Update

The blood has begun to flow, the pain has subsided...the journey has begun.

Wish me luck.

I wonder if I can survive another sleepless night, maybe I can. I've already gone through this pain, lack of sleep, little food, and I am still here.

Oh, and no, getting drunk last night wasn't in the cards. The pain was so intense I whimpered as I crawled off to bed.

I hope this is all over by morning. Please God!

And so it goes - we pray.


  1. Oh, God, what you must be going through. Good luck through this passage.

  2. Now that it is on the way down the ureter, you might check with your doc to get a prescription for Flomax. I guess that's one of the newest treatments. Good luck!

  3. Oh, no! I just caught up on your kidney stone ordeal. I hear those are wretched.

    I hope you soon hear a little clink in the bowl, or whatever sound heralds the release of your misery.


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