Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Kidney Stone Zombie Chronicles

This will be short.
No let up re: the pain.
Knocking back water as usual.
Two nights with only 3 and 4 hours of actual sleep, respectively.
Working, though I don't know where I get the strength.
Walking, even jumping, to get the damned thing moving.
Planning to get drunk tonight in hopes of getting some quality rest.
Just watched COSMOS which always has a relaxing effect on me.
I work again tomorrow, so I am praying for a few things to happen over night; the stone to move south, or blood in the urine (a signal it's on the way); in which case the kidney pain will subside.
Even with the pain to come I would welcome that relief.

Thanks for all the prayers and suggestions.
So tired and nauseous thanks to the intense pain.
Oy, I am such a wimp.

And so it goes.

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