Thursday, March 6, 2014

10 Reasons it's OK to Be Disliked

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1. It allows you to be true to yourself.The biggest disservice you can do yourself is shapeshifting to please your “audience” of the moment. It’s exhausting (even to watch) and, more importantly, pointless. No one will get to know who you really are, which will leave you feeling empty. 
2. It gives you the power to say no.I believe people are good at heart. Still, it’s human nature to test each other’s boundaries. When you’re willing to risk being disliked, you’re able to say no when you need to. Your yes' and no's shapes your future, so choose them wisely. 
3. You’re more comfortable exploring your feelings.Doesn’t it feel good to just be where you are without pretending for someone else’s sake? I’m not saying you should act in anger or fear, just that it’s pretty exhilarating to say, “Hell yeah—I’m terrified” (or lonely or weak or struggling) regardless of what people will think. 
4. Your candor can help other people.An angst-filled younger me made a fake voodoo doll for a middle school teacher who was hard on me, but forever changed my life (not my proudest moment). It’s often the least popular people who strike the deepest chord in us. Be unpopular when necessary and push people to be their best. You just may save someone’s life. 
5. You can freely express your thoughts.One of the kindest things you can do for someone else is listen without judging. You deserve that same kindness, but you won’t always get it. People will form opinions as you speak. Talk anyway. Let your words be kind but fearless. 
6. It prepares you for greater success.Pick a popular Twitter user and look at their @replies. Odds are they field their fair share of harsh comments. The higher you rise, the more attention you’ll receive, both positive and negative. A willingness to be disliked helps you deal with the added scrutiny. 
7. It teaches you to offer kindness and compassion without expectations.It’s not difficult to offer compassion to someone who treats you with respect and kindness. What’s more valuable for your personal development, and to humanity as a whole, is the ability to do what’s right because it’s right—not because you get something in return. 
8. You can inspire other people.There is someone I know who has the uncanny ability to keep going even when others try to pull him down. I learn from him every day. To this guy, anyone who doesn’t appreciate his assertive, over-the-top personality is a reminder that he is unique and unafraid. 
9. You can use your time wisely.If you want to be liked by everyone, odds are you’re spreading yourself way too thin trying to keep them all happy. We need to use our time judiciously to enrich ourselves and others instead of worrying about everyone’s perceptions. 
10. You can smile anyway.You could use your energy to make daily inventories of everything that’s wrong—the money you don’t have, the esteem you didn’t earn, the people you disappointed. Or you could commit to being your best, and then just sit back and smile. Life will always be a balancing act. Learn to teeter in serenity.
There now, that's better.

More later.


  1. I don't give a shit if people like me or not. I LIKE ME; that's all that matters. and I like you! :)

  2. Brilliant! If you don't mind, I am stealing this. It will be re-formatted into a large scroll and displayed in my office for all to see and learn something from. We have to learn that we can't please everybody, and most of the time they are NOT worth the effort.
    Than You.


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