Thursday, March 6, 2014

O.M.G. "COSMOS - 2014"

I mean, if you haven't seen this already, just look at the promo for the new series. Breathtaking!!!

Thirty four years (half my lifetime) ago, for the first 3 months of 1980 I sat glued to the tiny black & white TV set in my West 4th. Street, NYC apartment. I was captivated, mesmerized watching all 13 episodes of Carl Sagan's masterpiece series, "COSMOS: A Personal Voyage."  I also made a point of watching the series when PBS ran again it during their annual Pledge Drive later that same year.  Talk about dedication!!!

Cosmos is one of the brightest jewels in the PBS crown and, as I've viewed  episodes on YouTube, the series holds up beautifully even today.

Now I see that the late Carl's partner in life and science crime,  Ann Druyan, has taken the plunge once more providing all new information, and updating what wasn't (couldn't be) known 34 years ago. The new series begins airing this weekend on FOX and National Geographic stations. 

The frontman (presenter) this time round is my hero of Astrophysics, (after Sagan, of course) Neil deGrasse Tyson. The story of Tyson's history with Sagan going back to when Neil was 17 years-old,  proves that this series was destined to happen. It was written in the STARS, as they say.  Hey, don't laugh.  I'm holding back a gusher, here.

I have to say that THIS series would be the only reason I would love to have access to television service today.  Sadly, I do not have service and at this point, I couldn't afford it, anyway.

I won't embed it here, but if you're curious about how exciting Tyson can make you feel about science, here is a LINK to a video of his appearance on Moyers & Company back in January. The video is less than a half-hour and full of wit, humor, science, questions and answers. Enjoy.

It's off to bed for me now.  A transfusion appointment is scheduled for 7:30 am tomorrow; I think that means I'm in for a 2-unit, all-day marathon.

And so it goes.  


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